Prayer for a husband to be faithful

Prayer for the husband to be faithful and passionate. This prayer works if you have faith, change some of his attitudes, and be sincere with yourself.

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A family is forever. The Bible establishes in its sacred pages that the family, composed of one man and one woman, must be a unique bond that lasts for the rest of the days until both have died.

However, today’s world is very much distorted by the Lord’s teachings, and they are increasingly disrespected.

It is increasingly common to hear stories of couples who have been torn apart by sin, by husbands who have allowed themselves to be carried away by the clutches of lust and allowed another woman to take over their bodies.

Maintaining fidelity in the relationship or marriage is possible if you trust the word of the Lord. Only those who truly love God can lead their family away from sin and make real love reign because the sacred mantle of Our Lord will protect them.

If you are seeking help because you think your husband or partner may be unfaithful to you, ask God for help in praying for your husband or partner’s soul to be healed and stop all cheating through prayers.

Prayer for a husband to be faithful and passionate

My Lord Jesus, I come to you on this opportunity to ask for the healing of my husband’s soul, or companion (name).

Nowadays, he has a mind clouded by sin and lust, which do not allow him to see the simple and straight path of our relationship and good living in our home and the lack he is doing to our children.

Lord, I ask you to touch my husband’s soul, to make him see and need your truth so that he can obey you and recognize you in his heart.

Tell him, through his language, to see the damage he is doing to me by being betrayed and the evil he is doing to our family.

I come to pray and ask him to clear his mind still so that he can tell me, and let him see that I am a strong woman, a warrior, a companion and a faithful one, who before him has a courageous woman who loves her.

I am at his feet, and I place my hope in him, and that he is willing to forgive you and move on from this day on.

Make him a being of light, a man with strength, who remains a better companion, detached from the spirit and thoughts of immorality, lust, betrayal, and adultery, and who never changes.

Allow also, Lord, that all those around him who represent a danger or a bad example may depart from our life.

Take away from him all that is against our relationship, show him the sin of other women, and even more its consequences in the family environment, Lord, as well as the consequences in work and health.

Give the beloved person (name) the grace of humility through his example and show him the way to become an honest man, a more passionate and caring father, return my husband and faithful husband, as well as have eyes to value the wife.

In the name of Jesus Christ, St. Anthony, I need you to remove the spirit of lust from your soul and the desire to betray forever. Let him become to me, the faithful and honest man that he is.

I beg you, my father. Amen.

Tips to keep your partner faithful

Infidelity is becoming more common. It’s like a demon that feeds on the souls of honest men.

That is why, when you say the powerful prayer described above, do it with concentration and asking from the bottom of your heart the binding and healing of your soul to go mad for you.

Keep your husband happy and satisfied, be an accomplice, a friend, a good lover, to love the wife you have chosen with love and respect.

Only then will you keep away any negative energy that you want to meddle in your relationship.


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