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Prayer to find something lost


Prayers possess immense power in our daily lives. Much bigger than most people think. As women, we find ourselves involved in a significant number of situations every day, among the hustle and bustle of work, chores, children, among others.

Thus, it is common for us to lose our belongings. Sometimes, we may lose items of great importance for our day, such as the telephone, identification, car keys, among others. Faced with these situations, many women go into crisis and despair looking for them.

However, there are prayers to find lost objects. With this, it will be straightforward for you to ask for help to find your belongings more quickly. So it is constructive to have these prayers to saints, like the saint of St. Anthony, to help us find lost things.

In this way, counting on this prayer will not only be of great help in finding what we have lost. It is also an excellent way to keep calm and with faith that we will find it soon β€” qualities that are vitally important in a tense situation.


Prayer to St. Anthony to find an item that was lost

Saint Anthony, the vassal of the Lord, recognized, remembered, and immortalized by your deeds and by your mighty miracles in times of need. We ask you to help us find our things that have been lost, misplaced, or disappeared. Please give us your help in this challenging situation.

Please grant us your help in this trial. Illuminate and illustrate our mind in the search for the energy of the Almighty Lord. Please give us the wisdom and ingenuity to find the belongings we have lost and need to recover soon.

Protect us from ever losing anything again, or from ever having any of our hard-earned belongings stolen from us yet.

Please help us find again the existence of blessings and grace that our actions and sins destroyed. Lead us on the path of goodness to the glory and eternal salvation promised to us by the Almighty Lord. We ask this of You please in the name of our Lord Christ. Amen


Prayer for lost or stolen items

O eternal Lord and Almighty Father, God of earth and heaven, who through Jesus Christ, your son, you manifest yourself before the needy, the humble and the simple. We thank you with all our hearts for filling the blessed Saint Anthony with divine grace and love that he might live with a pure heart and aspire to the riches of heaven.

Through your mediation, grant that we may achieve what we desire most. Let your divine hand give us what we have lost or what has been taken from us. At this point of prayer, you must repeat several times what you wish to recover.

Our Father, we thank You with our hearts, we praise and bless You because we know that You hear our prayers. We know that your mercy towards us sinners is infinite. We beseech you to help us in the situations and moments in which we request it.

Help us and give us your support so, consoled in our sorrows and sufferings, we may observe the miracles of your infinite power. In the same way, we ask you to please elevate our faith and our charity towards others. So that in this way, we may follow the example of your prayer.

Thus, thanks to your devotion and thanks to the example of love and prayer of St. Anthony, the blessed one can praise you continually. In the name of Jesus Christ, our Lord, and Savior. Amen.