Prayer to find things lost

Who has not lost anything, who has not gone into agony and despair? If this is your problem, pray to Saint Longinus and Saint Anthony.

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Prayers for finding lost and stolen things

The prayer to find things lost or stolen will not only be of great help in seeing what we have lost. It is also an excellent way to stay calm and with faith in God, whom we will find soon – qualities that are of vital importance in a tense situation.

Prayers have immense power in our daily lives. Much higher than most people think. People are involved in a significant number of situations every day, among the hustle and bustle of work, tasks, children, among others.

Thus, it is common for us to lose our belongings. Sometimes, we can lose items of great importance for our day, such as telephone, identification, car keys, among others. Faced with these situations, many people go into crisis and despair in search of them.

However, there are prayers to find objects that are missing. With this, it will be easy for you to ask for help to rescue your belongings more quickly. Therefore, it is constructive to have these prayers to the saints, like Saint Anthony, Saint Longinus, to help us find missing things.

Prayer to Saint Longinus to find lost things

Saint Longinus, Saint Longinus, if I find (speak the missing object), I’ll make three little leaps.

When I find what I wanted, I have to keep my promise.

Prayer of Saint Anthony to find lost objects

My holy, the vassal of the Lord, recognized, remembered, and immortalized more for his works and his mighty miracles in times of need. We ask you to help us find, today, the object that has disappeared. Please give us your urgent help in this challenging situation.

Please grant us your help in this situation. God, enlighten our minds in the quest to gain energy from the Almighty Lord, to find what has been lost. Please give us the wisdom and ingenuity to find the belongings that were lost, and we need to recover soon.

Protect us in this life from losing anything again, or having any of our hard-earned belongings stolen from us still.

Please, God, help us today to find again what everyone seeks, the existence of blessings, and more graces that our actions and sins have destroyed. Lead those who seek the way of goodness, to the glory, and eternal salvation promised to us by the Almighty Lord. We ask this of You please in the name of our Lord Christ.

Amen Christ!


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