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Prayer of the Fair Judge


In the most challenging times, we always need the encouragement of God, who with his divine mercy, helps us to get back on track. When we find ourselves lost, we feel that we cannot cope with the workload or the stress we have on ourselves, we lose hope for a simpler future, and we resign ourselves to the worst.

It is in these moments of extreme anguish and weakness that the evil entities that surround us, as well as the sinful desires of the people who say they are our friends and companions, really affect and hurt us.

Returning to our great savior, Jesus Christ, known to many believers as the Righteous Judge, will lead us back to the right path for healing and relief of soul and spirit. Are you in difficult times, do you need protection, or do you require God’s, unconditional love? So don’t hesitate to put all your faith in the prayers of God’s Righteous Judge.


Prayer of the Fair Judge

Divine and Fair Judge’s Prayer for difficult cases

Jesus Christ, son of God. You who sacrificed yourself for sinful men and gave your human body to pray for the welfare of God’s children. You have given me so much kindness and to whom I will be eternally grateful until the moment of my death.

Fill me with your grace, Lord, and allow your infinite mercy to pity me before this challenging moment that I am facing. I lost my way, and I don’t know what decisions to make anymore, because the boundary between good and evil, right and wrong, was wholly blurred from my vision. I’m lost, and I need your guidance.

Let me find again the path that leads to God and in the process, finds the answers to the problem that afflicts me so much because my dream has been affected and my health is deteriorating. Please give me the healing that my soul and spirit need to find a way of good.

I ask you to give me the strength to be able to resolve this situation, to remove all the doubts that float in my head and not let me think clearly. I need your hand to guide me to the decision my heart knows is right. Never leave me alone, Jesus Christ.



πŸ‘¨ Prayer of the Just Judge for man

Jesus Christ. You who, before Dominus Deo, told him that protection from enemies was in God’s hands and that you trusted in his most holy word to eliminate all the dangers that haunted you. You who with your pure soul believed the word of your Father and allowed his holy word to be law.

Since you’ve protected me throughout my life, I’m asking you to do it now. That the enemies around me cannot see me as an easy target; they can attack, corrupt, or hurt. I do not want sin near my soul, and I ask you, Jesus Christ, to dissipate it with your infinite goodness.

May your divine grace fall upon my body, my soul and my spirit, so I may find the healing I have sought so much. Take away from me all the curses, spells and witchcraft that arrogantly pretend to use your father’s name to accomplish his whims. Teach them that with the word of the Lord, no lies are told and that their consequences are grave.

Protect me under your sacred mantle and protect me from those who seek to wound with their mouths, with their hands seek to destroy and stain all the pure souls that surround them. You made me strong; you taught me the way to God.



πŸ‘© Prayer to the Fair Judge for women

May the divine mercy of God and the Virgin Mary accompany me in this humble prayer before you, Jesus Christ, for the salvation of my soul and divine protection.

I ask You to free me from all the sinful souls around me who only seek to confuse the purity of my body and spirit with sin. I am not made for them, and I do not want to have them around, so I ask you to make me invisible to their eyes, that their hands never touch me and that my body and my soul always remain baptized for the love of God.

Jesus Christ, listen to my prayers and give me divine forgiveness if I have ever failed you because I am merely human and destined to sin when my body is weakened. Give me the strength to distinguish good from evil and to find the way back to God and his divine salvation.

This prayer that I offer you before the Holy Spirit, I beseech you to listen to me, because I am afraid of my enemies and of those who have falsely approached me. Keep their souls from mine; do not let friendship bonds formed between us. Bless my soul until you find eternal life in your arms, Lord.


πŸ›‘ Prayer to the Fair Judge for protection

Son of God, be blessed forever in the kingdom of heaven. I know that you are sitting at your Father’s right hand and that you have learned from his infinite goodness and mercy. You place before your soul and your physical body the welfare of all your brethren because the healing of their souls is fundamental for entering heaven.

I need your sacred protection because I feel surrounded by enemies everywhere. Society is in decline, and dangers are lurking in every corner that wants to test my faith in you, Jesus Christ. Give me the strength to frighten these monsters who want to corrupt me, because my soul is pure and will always be at God’s complete disposal.

Take away from me all the false friends who have approached my environment just to hurt me, mistreat me, and humiliate me. There is no place in my life for evil, and I refuse to be the victim of deception and lies, so I ask you, Christ, to create a protective cloak on my body and spirit. Make me look nasty in their eyes and keep them away from me.

Give me all your divine grace that I may enter the kingdom of heaven and know you personally to worship, glorify, and love you for the rest of my life.


πŸ’– Fair Judge’s Prayer for Love

Blessed be Jesus Christ for all the good you have brought to corrupt humanity. I am your blood and your faithful servant, you are my example to follow, and with all your love you have taught me the goodness of life, the mistakes, and the success.

I ask you today, through this prayer, to help me reach the love that I have sought for so many years. I find myself alone, and my soul already longs for the complicity of having a partner, a person who understands me even in my weaknesses, who supports me in my worst moments and embraces me when together we share the success.

Give me, Jesus Christ, the possibility of knowing the person who will bring me right and teach me that eternal love among human beings is also possible. A person on whom I can pour out all the love you taught me to have for you and God. May the Holy Spirit be a witness to our truths and may our souls be intertwined forever.

I also ask you, Jesus Christ, to turn away from me false pretenders who seek only sin and lust. My body is the temple of God and is destined only for good. Let me get someone as dedicated to you as I am to you right now.


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πŸ’Ό Fair Judge’s Prayer for Work

Jesus Christ, our Lord. Son of God, you sacrificed yourself for men to eliminate our original sin. I give you eternal thanks for all the teachings you have given me through your example, your mercy, and your forgiveness. It is to you that I address myself in my moments of greatest weakness, and that is why I humbly present myself to you today because I find myself going through a difficult time in the workplace.

Allow me to find peace at work, for my soul has been wounded by various situations. I can’t find the perfect environment for me, but you taught me never to lose hope, so I beg you to put in my way the opportunity I’ve been looking for for years.

Strengthen my skills and show people around me, especially those in positions of power, that I am valuable and that I can bring amazing things to work. Allow me the opportunity to show myself as I am, to dazzle you with my courage.

Overflow your mercy upon this humble servant and allow your divine grace to be the one that will lead me to the success that you have sought for me.


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Open your heart to God

The righteous Judge appears before us in the Scriptures as Jesus Christ, who helps his father, our Lord, in the salvation of human souls. You must completely open your heart to God and allow His mercy to take hold of you.

Accept the sins you have committed and ask forgiveness for them, for the Lord will always be willing to forgive you.