Prayer to drive away evil spirits

If evil spirits persecute you or are in your home, say one of these strong prayers to drive away evil obsessing spirits and protect you right now.

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Prayers to drive away evil spirits

To drive away evil spirits, obsessing spirits, all spirituality, energy, and lights of God are necessary.

If you are under the influence of evil spirits, cases of hatred, malevolence, jealousy, pride, or other situations, pray against evil spirits, you will have the mercy of the Lord.

The spiritual world is pervasive, and although there are indeed many people who use prayers to perform cleansing in spirit environments, rituals of prosperity, among others. Some people use them to do bad things to another person.

Generally, by performing these rituals, evil spirits are released, which can go against a specific person or simply torment those around them.

Prayer to drive away evil spirits from a person

My Lord, take care of me and my life and never abandon me.

Deliver me from all those malicious spirits who seek to disturb my peace and tranquillity. I reject all that mocking, cheating, lying, and malevolent spirit.

With this prayer, I invoke all the angels and archangels to intercede for me to help me to fight these spirits who only seek to disturb me.

I ask in the name of God Almighty, creator of the heavens, seas, and lands, to protect me and cover me with his mantle.

I ask Saint Michael the Archangel to give me his sword and shield for my protection. May he see and provide me with the strength to resist temptations and undermine all the evil spirits that hide in me day after day.

I ask my guardian angel for help so that he will not abandon me and help me to fight the evils that afflict me. That they only seek to disturb, I help all the divine forces to give me their support in this fight. Amen!

Prayer to drive the evil spirits away from home

I acknowledge the presence of Almighty God, who created heaven and earth in my house to protect it, care for it, and bless it. Both in my home and in the people who live in it, to be always protected.

With this prayer, I ask for the blessing of all angels, to always fill my house with justice and to remove evil spirits, bad energies, envy, selfishness, and bad influences.

We pray to you Jesus Christ, you who are the way of truth, life, and soul. We pray to you at this time and in this moment to help us and to keep away all those evil spirits who only seek to enter the tranquility of our home.

My God! You who gave your only begotten Son to save us from our sins. Do not allow evil spirits to invade our homes, leaving a wave of chaos, agitation after their passage. Help us, Lord, to fight this battle.

In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Amen!

Prayer to drive away evil obsessing spirits

Oh! Great Sovereign of earth and heavens, you who reigns on high, I call to you with intense prayer. You who can bend everything to your will, deliver me, my Lord, from this spirit that sees if it has become obsessed with me.

Oh my God! You, who is excellent and powerful, we pray to You, with the help of the archangel Gabriel, the archangel Michael and the archangel Raphael. My soul is released from this torment and that this spirit or any other spirit disturb me again.

I pray to you, my God, because only you are great, only you can help me. You are the hope of the neediest, you are the breath of the weary; you are the food of the hungry and the water of the thirsty.

Oh! Lord, I pray to You as my only source of salvation to strip away this evil spirit that has become obsessed with me and does not leave me alone. I beg for Your mercy and kindness to help me calm this anguish that this situation generates in me.

In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Amen!

Tips to keep the evil spirits out

To drive away evil spirits or to remove the backrest, you must keep in mind that awareness must be made so that we may seek full happiness. If your plans are going backward, there is much envy. You are feeling depressed and sad. It is a sign that there is something wrong in your life.

Prayers are essential to ward off evil spirits that are surrounding you because the world is in the process of transition. Hence, faith is necessary to seek good thoughts so that your physical and spiritual body is affected. We often get sick without any reason. Only with merciful God will you be able to overcome all this!


To get rid of evil spirits, you need to find a quiet, peaceful place. Concentrate on God and ask for protection and much peace. Pray your prayer for the world to change the focus from contrary to positive facts immediately.

It is essential to think positively, no matter how painful your situation is. Not doubt that the world is in the process of radical change, and many facts are occurring now and positively affect our mood.

Who likes terrible things are the wicked spirits who take advantage of our negative thoughts to harm us, and hence faith is essential now?

Prayers are always compelling and change the mountain. Faith can overcome everything, so just believe, and it will come to your innermost intents.

God knows what is going on in your heart and what you need, so think of a better world, think of your quieter life.

Think about success only and have a lot of faith and motivation so that prayers have the desired effect at all times.


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