Prayer for difficult times

Pray for difficult and desperate times, and calm your heart, because God will always help us in difficult and hard times of life.

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Of course, we have all been through difficult times, and we didn’t know if we were capable of overcoming them. However, we have to understand, perceive, and feel how strong and resilient we are despite the very adverse circumstances we had to go through.

This is because you have the power of God, even if you think that sometimes He has abandoned you, but this is not true.

If what you want is more direct communication with the Creator Father, have faith and pray for difficult times and despair. So that you feel His presence and help you in those times so full of problems in which you felt your lonely spirit.

Prayer for difficult times in life

Lord, who is always with me in spirit and prayer, no matter how hard the circumstances! I am going through such a difficult time in life that sometimes I think I will not be able to overcome it.

I’ve been through other trials and challenging times, but I’ve spent much energy, and I feel like I want to throw in the towel because I don’t have the strength anymore. I know I shouldn’t allow myself to say that now, on this day, but it’s so tired and dull that I want to run away and not look back on my life again. It was my pride and fear of being a coward in your eyes that kept me from giving up.

Your son, Jesus Christ, had to go through the worst times and sufferings on earth to erase the sin of the human-made world. In the same way, I have to fight, having patience, and facing this burden and its effects in a problematic moment of pain or sadness, and take control of my life.

This is the strength I came to ask of you today. This is what I need to harden my spirit, at some difficult time, after so many blows and disappointments. I don’t think I will ever stop needing the plan of this life, what steps to take, your cloak of love, and my father’s assistance and advice.

That always welcomes me with a smile and a caress in my hair that gives me strength and makes me feel that everything is fine!

It is this blinding love that you feel for all your children that leads me to talk to you whenever I can, even when I think that things are going well. It is in times of the most significant difficulty and uncertainty that we learn the most and see that we are made.

You don’t want weak children, so I need not disappoint you, dear father. That’s why I say this prayer.


Am I going to get rid of all the trouble just by saying this prayer?

I’m not going to tell you, on this day, that you will get out of every complicated problem you have in your life because God works in very mysterious ways. I don’t know the moment or the day when He acts. What I can guarantee is that He will not leave you alone whenever you need His love, strength, and compassion for prayer.

We all feel defeated from time to time, so we need the one who can comfort us when this awkward moment happens. He will know best how to help us. That’s why prayer is so important.

One thing I can recommend is that you never abandon the moment of your prayer or lose contact with God, even when everything is going well. The better and the closer your relationship with Him, the better it will be for you.


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