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Prayer of deliverance

free person

We all go through moments of weakness that we think we’ll never get out of. However, God has repeatedly shown us that, with the courage that his soul gives us, we can be able to overcome all the difficulties that stand in our way and that from them we can acquire knowledge and experience that will save us in the future.

If we seek our salvation or that of a loved one, God will always be willing to listen to our prayers and fill our bodies with the strength we need to find the tools to save ourselves.

Eliminating evil from our lives is a complex task, and we must use all the resources that God puts at our disposal to find peace and divine protection.

Among these resources, there will always be prayers to God in which we can find a moment of reflection and peace that will allow us to visualize the difficulties from another angle to find answers to them. Feel free to experience them when you feel that your strength is failing and can no longer do so.


πŸ™Œ Prayer to ward off negative thoughts

Dear God, you take away the sin of the world, and with your unconditional love, you have embraced me and supported me in all the awkward moments of my life. Today I come to you because I need to remove the negative thoughts that dominate My mind and My spirit.

These negative thoughts that go through my head make me suffer because they create uncertainty and fears that control me and make me make hasty or thoughtless decisions. You are a witness to my struggle; I need your divine power of love to overcome this situation.

Eliminate all the evil thoughts that torment me and make me weak. Please give me the strength to fight against my inner demons and leave me the divine salvation in your hands. Because I have always been your faithful servant and your Holy Spirit has always protected me.

Clear my mind, Lord, and bring the peace which I seek so much at this time. Your divine grace will help me to find the right path, so I implore you to remove the fog of evil that wants to grab my soul.


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πŸ›‘ Prayer of deliverance and protection from the enemy

Oh, my God. The enemy is all around me in every corner I see, and I feel that my body and soul will not be able to stop him altogether. I have the feeling that I will be crushed by the evil that reigns in the universe and, through this prayer, I ask for your divine protection.

I pray to you, Lord, with my hands in my heart and my soul open, that you may deliver me from every enemy who would harm me. Show me who the false friends are who have approached my heart and give me the courage to take them out of my mind and spirit.

It’s to you, God, my savior, to whom I owe my whole life. Even in times of difficulty and doubt, I turn to your holy name to protect me from the enemy that awaits me. May your blessed blood flows through my veins and give me the strength to free my soul from all the anger, anger, envy, and deceit that has taken refuge in my soul.

With your miraculous hands, defeat every one of my rivals and show me the way to salvation.


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πŸ‘Ώ Prayer for deliverance from evil

Oh, my God. To you, I entrust the salvation of my soul and the protection of my body and spirit. Enemies surround me, Lord, and despair and fear begin to take hold of my body.

It’s time for your divine healing; the time has come. I need your total protection against any enemy who wants to approach me, but especially those who have already entered my close circle with false promises, lies, and deceptions, only to harm me.

Free me from the bonds with the people linked to evil, which only want to accuse me and hurt me with their devil’s deceptions. There is nothing in my life as high as you, so I beg you with your mighty hands to teach me to defend myself from all evil and to fill my soul with the courage that I lost so long ago.

Victory against evil will always be yours, God, for you, sit in the kingdom of heaven and hence protect all your children with great devotion. In your name, I say this prayer, and I hope you hear it.


πŸ™Œ Prayer of deliverance for children

Oh, my God. You see my family from the kingdom of heaven and can see the love I feel for each of them. However, just as you can see the goodness of our union, you can also see the mistakes and failures I made as a mother in raising my children.

They were carried away by fear, egotism, weakness by sin, and silence towards me. No one knows him better than you do, so forgive us and can save our spirit.

Show my children that your way of salvation is the right way and redirect their steps toward you, Lord. No matter how long it takes for your will to be fulfilled, I will continue to pray for the salvation of your souls who are increasingly rebellious and do not hear of reasons or experiences.

Save their hearts from original sin because they are weak and innocent and can be manipulated by lust, selfishness, and greed. Forgive all the mistakes they have made in front of you and open your heart to receive them on your path to healing.

Deliver them from all evil that will indwell their hearts, for they are children of good, who only seek their personal and spiritual growth. Take them to your kingdom, God.


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Create a reflective atmosphere in your home

Dedicate a space in your home for teaching the Word of God and for spiritual connection with him and all his saints.

It is essential that you pray in a quiet environment, such as your living room, where you have built a small altar in honor of the Lord and where you can have an honest and personal conversation with Him.

The deliverance of evil and the salvation of souls begins with a process of deep introspection and reflection, in which you must admit your mistakes, fears, and sins, and be willing to release them from your body and soul. Create the perfect environment for spiritual healing and pray prayers with love and respect.