Prayer for decontamination

If you are looking for a prayer to decontaminate your soul, this prayer is perfect for you. See how you can feel better after praying.

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Have faith to change your daily life from now on with the prayer of decontamination.

It is more than essential that you can find yourself facing the dangers of life and thoughts.

The decontamination prayer helps you to change your thoughts by removing what is evil in our hearts and minds. You will surely feel better and with a lighter heart and a calmer soul.

Decontamination and purification prayer

I, in the name of Jesus Christ, command that every spirit of contamination be gone from me.

In the name of Jesus Christ, I cut off from me every spiritual contamination, every fury of the devil, every arrow, every fatigue, every drowsiness, every pain, and every fiery darts of the enemy.

I, in the name of Jesus Christ, forbid you to touch me. I, in the name of Jesus Christ, cut from me every curse, every negative hereditary yoke.

I wash now with all mine in the Blood of Jesus.

I now hide under the protection of the Highest and take possession of the power of the ES. And now I shelter myself under the protective mantle of the Virgin Mary and her intercession and that of all the Angels and Saints.

The Blood of Christ that washes and frees me washes and frees me and covers our families with His power and us. (Three times)

The Holy Cross be my light, not the dragon, my guide, remove Satan. Never advise me of vain things. It is terrible what you offer me. Drink your poison yourself.

By the Sign of the Holy Cross, deliver us, our Lord, from our enemies.

In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit!


Feel at peace with yourself and have good thoughts turned to God and goodness towards our brothers.

We are all one family living under the same planet, so stay out of the darkness! Evil thoughts are highly destructive, so the prayer for decontamination is robust and sturdy to help you in all these critical moments.

Prayer for spiritual decontamination

I, (name), in the name of Jesus, cut myself now, and all my family, all my work, all my relationships, all my Christian community, all kinds of contamination that I have received.

I wash in the precious blood of Jesus, with all my family, my community, my work, my relationships, and I forbid evil to touch us.

I bind them in the name of Jesus, with love, health, well, sympathy and luck.

Divine Holy Spirit, renew in me, in my family, in my community, in my work, in my relationships, in my home, Your anointing, Your strength, Your power.

Most Holy Mary, intercede for us. Angels of the Lord, fight for us.


Decontamination prayer to St Michael the Archangel

I (your name), in the Name of Jesus, by the power of God, cut myself, my family, my home, from this place, all spiritual contamination, every dart of Satan, all his fury against us.

I command you to go to the feet of the cross of the Lord Jesus, so that He may judge you and forbid you to touch each one of us.

I wash with my dear ones in the precious Blood of Jesus, and I take all the armor of God that He renews in us to share His anointing.

I invoke the intercession of the Virgin Mary, the Immaculate Virgin, and the angels and saints of God on our behalf.

Renew in us, Lord, all your strength, power, the anointing of the Holy Spirit, so that we may always do Your holy will and achieve fullness.


Why bother to decontaminate yourself?

We live in an uncertain world, so energies and thoughts reach us at a fantastic speed through various channels of communication. Nothing so substantial as a prayer to give us strength and balance.

We need to talk to God, and through powerful prayers, we can have reality changed positively.

If you feel contaminated by the sins of lust, greed, ambition, evil thoughts, all negative, it is time to take action and start praying with fervor and devotion.

From the moment God hears you through prayer, your life will change significantly.

Tips for doing this prayer of decontamination

If you are having spiritual problems, with your family, with your ancestors, in your school environment, at work, it is time to take a more serious attitude!

Choose a time and a quiet place and talk to God about your fears and anxieties. Ask for total protection against any problem that life may impose during the mishaps we experience.

Keep in mind that violence, the inversion of values, among other problems we are facing, is the fruit of evil thoughts and wrong attitudes of people in the world.

Ask God that the devil may turn away from you, friends, family, and also enemies, after all, we are bombarded all day long with these energies and thoughts.

By praying this prayer with great faith and devotion, you will surely receive positive energies and get rid of sins and forgiveness from God, beginning a new stage in life.


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