Prayer for deceased mother

Dedicating a prayer to a mother in heaven helps us to find the strength we need to follow, even after such a disturbing and sad event.

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Prayers for my dead mother

Praying for my dead mother will give us the strength to endure one of the worst sorrows we can feel. No feeling compares to the pain of that loss, and no one or anything in the world can replace the person who gave him life, who saw him grow up, and who led him on the right path.

It is difficult to overcome this sadness. However, with the help of faith and the right prayers, you can transform the pain of your grief into energy and strength, so that you can continue to struggle today and always.

In addition to the comfort you need, another goal of praying for the mother who died is to be able to talk to someone who is physically no longer with us. This allows us to know that the being who filled us with love and joy and now fills us with longing, is in a better and peaceful place, at rest.

It also helps us to thank the Lord God for the joy of having a mother and to pray for my deceased mother, for, and her eternal rest. In this way, we can feel more tranquility as our prayers help our family members to find the light where she now lives.

Prayer for my mother

Lord, thank you for the mother you gave me.

Thank you for giving me life and being raised in my mother’s womb. Now I no longer have her with me.

She is with you. She lives in You now, who is the Father and Mother of us all.

Embrace my mother, dear God, for I can no longer give this embrace.

Embrace her with Your Divine Light, for she deserves all the good and all the affection.

From here, I forgive her for all that was not good among us, and as a son/daughter, I also ask for forgiveness.

Thank you, Lord, for this grace to be able to say these words with all the love and affection that I will always have for my mother.

Lord, thank you for the Mother you gave me and who now lives with you.


📃 Author Father Marcelo Rossi

Prayer to the mother in heaven

My God! Lord, you are now my only strength in the most terrible moments of pain. I suffer the loss of my dear mother’s death, which leaves a massive void in my soul and causes me great sadness, suffering, and longing.

Father, forgive her sins so that she may cross all obstacles, where she now lives, which leads to the kingdom of heaven.

Let her, Lord, enjoy the eternal calm of your light, grace, and love. My mother, Lord, this lady, who accompanied me even in the moments when I doubted and weakened, she gave me her graces, affection, forgiven my mistakes.

To her, whom I owe my life. For her womb, for my heart that beats now and my lungs that breathe. I miss her words and her embrace.

Mama, I honor your memory, and I thank you for the sacrifices and the good you did for me. Thank you, you will always be an example of a woman warrior, and your smile and melodic voice will live in the grace of my memory forever.

Oh! Lord Father, I humbly beg you to hear my prayer for the dead mother. Show Mama the right path to follow with every step she takes. Thank you, Mommy!

She fulfilled the goals God had given her on earth. She gave her hand to those who needed it most.

Lord, give her your blessing and love to be with you, resting in your kingdom, where she now lives. May grace and perpetual light shine for you, and may you rest in peace! Thank you for your forgiveness!

Thank you, mother! Thank you, Mother! Amen.


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