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Prayer for a Mother who has died

my mom in heaven

Devoting a prayer to our deceased mother in heaven helps us find the strength we need to move forward even after such a terrible event.

Without a doubt, the loss of a mother is one of the worst sorrows you can feel. No illness compares to the pain of that loss, and no one or anything in the world will succeed in replacing the person who gave you life, saw you grow up, and led you down the right path.

It is hard to overcome this sadness. However, with the help of Faith and the right prayers, you can transform the pain of your mourning into energy so you can continue to fight in the day today.

In addition to the comfort you require, another goal of praying to a deceased mother lies in the strength of being able to converse with someone who is physically no longer with us. It lets us know that the being who filled us with love and joy is in a better and more peaceful place, in rest.

It also helps you to thank God for the joy of having a mother and praying for her eternal rest. In this way, you can feel more tranquility as our prayers help our loved one to find the light beyond death.


Prayer to my Mother in heaven

Oh my God, my only strength in the most terrible times of pain. I suffer the loss of my dear mother, who leaves an enormous emptiness in my soul and causes me great sadness and suffering.

Father, forgive her sins so she may cross all the obstacles that lead to the kingdom of heaven.

Let her enjoy the eternal calm of your light. My mother, who accompanied me even during the moments when I doubted you, thanks to whom my heart beats and my lungs breathe.

Mother, I honor your memory, and thank you for the sacrifices you made for me. You are and will always be an example to follow in every step I take.

You accomplished the goals that God had for you on Earth. You gave your hand to those who needed it most. Your beautiful smile and your melodic voice will live in my memory forever.

O Father, I humbly beg you to hear my prayers. Show my mother the right way to be with you, resting in your kingdom. May the perpetual light shine for you, and may you rest in peace. Amen.