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Daily Prayers

Starting a new day is reason enough to be thankful to God because just having the opportunity to appreciate the sunlight coming through the window of the room is a blessing.

We must always be grateful for all the blessings we were given the day before, to start a new day, and the key to starting a new day is through prayer.

doing my daily prayer
Feeling the power of a daily prayer.

Saying a daily prayer helps us to be able to thank the Lord for all that He has helped us. Besides, it allows us to talk to him and discuss our concerns at the same time that we ask him to help us.

The best thing is that as soon as we wake up, we start to pray to the Lord, but we should do it without haste or worry, having our soul in peace and allowing Him to express and feel our faith and hope towards His spirit.

Likewise, praying before going to sleep is always an act of faith and gratitude to God, so He may watch over our slumber and give us a comforting rest.


Prayers to pray at morning

Prayers are a means of communicating with the Lord in a closer way, and praying in the morning is one way of that.

Praying early in the day is a way of thanking God for allowing you to wake up on a new, unexpected day, but one that is already predestined by the Lord. It is also a way of asking the Almighty to help us through the new day, giving us protection and covering us with his goodness.

Prayer is usually done when we want to ask for that specific day when we know, we are going to run into something during the day and want God’s blessing and help.

Usually and more commonly, if we want this prayer to be taken seriously by the Almighty, we must pray as soon as we get up, it must be the first thing we must do before the day begins so in that way helped by our Lord.


Prayers to pray at night

Evening prayers, as opposed to morning prayers that serve to ask for a new day, help to thank for what has been experienced and to ask for a comforting rest for body and mind.

Praying to the Almighty at night, before going to sleep, is a way of demonstrating faith in the presence of the Lord, for, at the end of a new day, you get tired of talking and thanking God.

This helps the soul to free itself from the stress of the day, from harmful things, and to sleep peacefully at night.

Also, especially when praying at night, it is most commonly to ask the Lord to guard the sleep against evil thoughts, and to guard our integrity and that of our loved ones while we sleep.