Prayer against the coronavirus

Ask for the healing and protection of those who suffer from COVID-19 with this powerful prayer against the spread of infection by the coronavirus.

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Let us unite and ask God for the infected. For the protection of the healthy. For the search of an antidote by the researchers who are looking for a cure on this day. For the health of the doctors and nurses, to avoid further transmission of the coronavirus (COVID-19).

This coronavirus prayer can be prayed to stop the spread of the disease. Whether in China, Italy, Spain, or any new country.

This prayer will be strong and powerful if all of us, in one continuous force and voice, do it every day.

Prayer for the sick of the coronavirus

Today I come to you, my Lord because I know of your miracles of healing. For it was you who traveled through the cities and small towns when diseases struck the weakest.

That is why today, I ask for your help again, for we need your healing power to prevent the worldwide spread of the coronavirus. And urgently help to reduce the virus in Italy and Spain.

Holy Father, Pope Francis, we ask for your intercession and that of the Vatican Church to give us strength and faith. So all people infected with the virus today, in my country and the world, can be cured. Bring us back to health and bring us back to normal.

Pope Francis, I ask for your holy intercession. Ask God to care and protect the health of the not infected and help the needed, since we are at a critical time in 2020 and our history.

I ask you to calm all fears and worries created by the publicity about this evil, which is blocking cooperation between countries. Make everyone work in unison to fight the coronavirus.

Jesus Christ, the divine healer of heaven, who is with us in these times of sadness and bitterness, accompanies those who, unfortunately, is no longer with us to the gates of heaven. Heal the sick and protect the healthy. Wrap your protective cloak around us.

My Lord, give the doctors, nurses, researchers, and all health workers, the strength, skills, controls, and knowledge necessary to deal with this pandemic. Please show them your protection and give them the wisdom and serenity to deal with this terrible disease.

Make the world leaders cooperate for the good of humanity. Please give them the intelligence and diligence to care for the welfare of society. Guide them on the path of unity and solidarity, so that they may share the information, content, and technology that can stop the spread of the coronavirus, Covid-19.

Jesus Christ, please stand by our side. Please do not abandon your faithful, in this emergency, wherever we are or wherever we are going. We ask You to help us to keep our health and our bodies healthy and to heal all those who are sick with the coronavirus.

Jesus Christ, give us the blessing of healing!



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