Chaplet of the Holy Wounds

Learn to pray the Rosary of the Wounds of Jesus step by step. An important and powerful prayer to our Lord, Jesus Christ.

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We know that the world asks for strength and many prayers today, so there is nothing better than to pray for divine protection because we need God’s mercy at all times.

We are in times of disease, pandemics, wars, terrorist attacks, changes in values in society that cause terrible destruction in our homes and families through various socio-economic and cultural factors. In addition to the imposition of wrong and sinful ideals by multiple sectors, and of course, the lack of religiosity and faith, on the part not only of young people but of many adults, rulers, and politicians.

Learning to pray the Chaplet of the Holy Wounds is essential for all of us to change our focus of thought and seek holy peace through this powerful prayer.

We must pray it with our hearts and not just with beautiful words. Give yourself to the Father, and everything will change in your life.

Through devotion to the Holy Wounds of our Lord Jesus Christ, who gave his life to us, we certainly have a model of good behavior to follow.

If only one-day, humanity could understand at least a little of the suffering of Our Almighty God, who left His Son among us and was crucified and killed to save us.

This rosary, when meditated on, together with the Bible, and made the novena is extremely powerful, for his words, reflect our supplications!

Rosary of the Holy Wounds of Jesus

At first:

Make the sign of the Cross, pray it, and after…

Oh! Jesus, Divine Redeemer, have mercy on us and the whole world.

Holy God, strong God, immortal God, have mercy on us and the whole world.

Grace, Mercy, My Jesus, in the dangers present, cover us with Your most precious Blood.

Eternal Father, have mercy on us, through the Blood of Jesus Christ, Your only begging Son, have mercy on us, we beseech You. Amen!

In the big beads:

Eternal Father, I place upon you the holy wounds of our Lord Jesus Christ; To heal those of our souls.

In the small beads:

My Jesus, forgiveness, and my mercy. For the merits of Your Holy Wounds.

At the end of the rosary, one must pray three times:

Eternal Father, I offer you the wounds of our Lord Jesus Christ; To heal our souls.


📃 Author Father Reginaldo Manzotti

How to pray the Rosary of the Holy Wounds

To pray the chaplet of Holy Wounds, it is necessary to do it with much faith and devotion as in any prayer.

The world asks for protection, without any shadow of a doubt, so nothing better than to have in our minds and hearts the words of Our Lord Jesus Christ.

Ask for protection to heal our souls!

Ask the Father to have mercy on us!

Ask the Father to have mercy on the world!

These are just some good examples of how you should pray this powerful prayer we have as we evangelize through this prayer. Surely, if you do so every night, it can bring significant benefits to the world and yourself.

Benefits of praying the Holy Wounds of Jesus

Let’s ask for protection from Satan, who insists on leading us down the wrong path and out of the darkness.

Let us ask for protection and ask that the world be a place of much peace and harmony and that the return of the Lord Jesus Christ be brief and victorious as he promised.

The benefits of praying this rosary today are many, as we can see.

You can be very conscious of the bad times the world is going through and ask for protection and help from many people around you.

Ask for mercy for the lives of your friends, family, and even your enemies.

Have the power of forgiveness in your hands as a product to be delivered to your store, and you will undoubtedly be able to reach the service of the Highest, and He will always protect you.

The importance of making the rosary of the Holy Wounds of Christ is evident because you will have a much more dignified life, full of happiness, harmony, and peace.


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