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Catholic Prayers

One of the prayers that most pleases God is the “Our Father” because it is the prayer that Jesus Christ himself taught us, in his words expresses the grace and will that God has both on earth and in the kingdom of heaven.

It speaks of forgiveness granted, the pardon that we can give to other people. It is so much the deep love that God has for us that in his prayers, he left us the teachings of forgiveness to our neighbor.

“The Creed” a prayer where it speaks to us of the belief of God, of the Father, of the Holy Spirit, of the Catholic Church, all this as the supreme entity that designates the mandates that God has not left to live day by day.

The birth of Jesus Christ our Lord, his life, his suffering, his Calvary lived by being crucified for the sins of man.

Mother Mary, Hail Mary, chosen by God and full of grace, be blessed among women. A prayer to ask our mother to protect us in the sufferings she once suffered as a mother.


🛐 Prayers of the good Christian

With these prayers left by Our Heavenly Father, in every phrase we quote, they are the teachings He gives us for the day to day for the rest of our lives, a behavior for His divine grace.

Praying them with all faith, we will be blessed with their word; they will cover us with their sacred mantle to be blessed in all the things we do, as long as it is in honor of God.

Although to receive blessings from God the Father and the Virgin Mary all that is needed is the will to speak with them, to ask forgiveness for the harmful acts committed, the promise to be a better person, and the unshakable faith that moves mountains and breaks down barriers.

Everything is reduced to the faith that we place in the prayers; every prayer must be said with sincere devotion so our Heavenly Father may hear them and grant our petitions that we have asked for with so much love.

The conversation between you and God is pure and sincere prayer.