Prayers to the Saints

Every saint is known for his or her deeds or miracles, so if you need to ask a favor of them, you can do it with these powerful prayers to the saints.

Prayer to Saint Jude Thaddeus

Even if your problems, whether they be love, work, or money, seem difficult to solve, St. Jude Thaddeus can help to answer with your intercession.

Prayer to Saint Mark of Lion

Say one of these powerful prayers to St. Mark of Lion, to bring person, to bind, impossible love, to tame people, and defend yourself from enemies.

Prayer to Saint Martha

You need a prayer to recover love, to tie up, to separate a couple, to dominate a man. Saint Martha can help you if you pray to her with faith.

Prayer to Saint Solomon

If you are looking for a little peace or attracting money, invoke King Solomon, who can help you regain this balance that you are so looking for.

Prayer to Saint Sara Kali

Saint Sarah Kali is the patron saint of the Gypsy people and exiles. She is the one to pray for prosperity, health, love, and long life.

Prayer to Saint Sebastian

Need protection or a favor? Are you experiencing any difficulties in love? Don't worry, you can ask for St Sebastian's intercession.

Prayer to Saint John the Baptist

When you need help in love or protection, St. John the Baptist can help you. Ask Him to achieve the grace you need because He is powerful.

Prayer to Saint Cosmas and Damian

Do you need to ask a favor? Bring the love back, get a job, or even get pregnant? If so, Saint Cosmas and Damian will help you with this petition.

Prayer to Saint Joseph

Ask St. Joseph to help and protect you in family matters, employment, and prosperity with this collection of strong and powerful prayers.

Prayer to Saint George

Are you looking to protect yourself from your enemies? Solve a love affair? Improve your work situation? Say a powerful prayer to Saint George, the Warrior.

Prayer to Saint Helena

Do you need to dominate someone's heart? Make him desperate for you? How about dreaming about whom you're going to marry! Saint Helena will help you.

Prayer to Saint Christopher

Are you going on a trip? Want to get your driver's license? Are you afraid to drive? Ask St. Christopher to give you the strength and courage you need.

Prayer to St. Cyprian

Do you have love issues? Are you having a tough time? Are you worried about your safety? Well, then pray a powerful prayer to St. Cyprian today.

Prayer to St. Anthony

Do you have love issues? Are you going through a complicated situation in your marriage? Then say a mighty St. Anthony's prayer right now.

Prayer to Saint Therese of Roses

Ask Saint Therese of the Roses to grant you divine grace, and give you her protection in difficult times, need for money, or housing problems.

Prayer to Saint Lucy

If you are having problems with your eyes and you wish the divine healing of St. Lucy, do not hesitate to resort to one of these prayers of healing.

Prayer to Saint Longinus

Who hasn't lost something already? Who hasn't gone into agony and despair? If that's your problem, pray to St. Longinus, asking for his powerful help.

Prayer to Saint Roch

If you have a wound that needs to heal quickly or a dog that has been lost... Saint Roch will always be at your side to help with that prayer.

Prayer to Saint Augustine

Do you want to reflect on death and love? Protect yourself from envy? With the help of the prayers to St. Augustine, you will be protected.

Prayer to Saint Anne

If what you seek is God's protection for a pregnant woman, a suffering mother, or a child who has lost the course of her life, do a prayer to Saint Anne.

Prayer to Saint Bridget

Saint Bridget can save you and is well known for her 12-year prayer for the salvation of the soul. Here we collect all the prayers dedicated to her.

Prayer to Saint Lazarus

The powerful prayer to St. Lazarus is known to unite families and cure complicated and impossible diseases in people and animals.

Prayer to Saint Cecilia

All professions can make this prayer. Are you a musician, and are you looking for some spiritual peace that will bring you closer to the Lord?

Prayer to Saint Monica

Saint Monica is the mother of men; if she needs prayer for rebellious children, alcoholics, or for passions, pray with spirituality to achieve grace.

Prayer to Saint Clare

Ask Saint Clare of Assisi to open her ways in love! If you feel sorry for love problems, or if you want it to stop raining.

Prayer to Saint Hedwig

Are you having money problems? Can't pay your debts? Say the powerful prayer to Saint Hedwig to solve your financial problems.

Prayer to St. Barbara

Do you have love issues? Pray right now, a powerful prayer to Saint Barbara so that your love problems can be solved urgently.

Prayer to St. Catherine

Strong and powerful prayers to Saint Catherine to call and bind love, to tame a husband, to bring love back and against enemies!

Prayer to St. Rita of Cascia

If you are experiencing some loving problem or some situation that seems impossible, have recourse to the prayer to St. Rita of Cascia of the impossible.

Prayer to St. Francis of Assisi

Strong prayers to Saint Francis of Assisi for the protection of animals, for home and peace! They are powerful and protect!

Prayer to St. Expedite

If you are in a difficult or impossible situation, with problems, urgent needs, or want to get grace, pray now a powerful prayer to St. Expedite.

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