Prayers for Protection

Meeting your security needs is extremely important! You can count on these strong and powerful prayers to protect you with God's mantle.

Prayer for forgiveness

Take that grudge out of your heart with a prayer for forgiveness. If you can't, try praying to God according to the knowledge of Seicho No Ie.

Prayer for those who died

These prayers are to watch over the person loved or known who passed away—a prayer to guide souls to their final destination in peace.

Daily prayer for today

To start the day on the right foot, you can say this strong and powerful daily prayer for today in gratitude to God for his blessing.

Sunrise Prayer

Start the day energized by saying a prayer at sunrise. You will find a special prayer to give thanks and ask for God's protection for your day.

Midday Prayer

Continue your day by saying a prayer at noon. Here you will find an extraordinary one to ask for God's protection for you and yours.

Dawn Prayer

Prayers are a way to talk to God, thanking Him for all the blessings He has given us and asking Him to continue to provide us with His grace and protection.

Afternoon prayer

If you want to get closer to God, then... why not say a prayer this afternoon to ask him to fill it with his divine word?

Prayer for jealousy

Jealousy is negative energy linked to evil entities that turn away from all the teachings of God. They are emotions that can destroy relationships.

Midnight Prayer

Finish your day with the midnight prayer. You will find a special prayer to ask God to put an end to tiredness and give you the necessary rest.

Prayer for the week

Faced with this world in which we live, it is not surprising that to wake up in the morning, fearing for the fate of your loved ones with the new week.

Prayer to open doors

We all feel that we are stuck somewhere in our lives, and we do not have the motivation to follow, so it is good to say a prayer to open doors.

Ho'oponopono Prayer

With the mantra of the Ho'ponopono, you ask in prayer the Lord to cleanse and purify all your pains (physical and emotional), sorrows, and problems.

Prayer for everything to work out

Are you looking for a prayer to solve everything? Pray a prayer to get everything right, no matter the area of need: love, work, or in surgery.

Prayer to forget the past

Say this prayer to let go and forget the mistakes of the past and ask the Lord for light and help to open paths to free you from that which holds you back.

Prayer for difficult times

Pray for difficult and desperate times, and calm your heart, because God will always help us in difficult and hard times of life.

Morning Prayer

Do you want to start the day on the right foot, be blessed, and have good energy? Say a powerful morning prayer to make your day great!

Prayer to drive away evil spirits

If evil spirits persecute you or are in your home, say one of these strong prayers to drive away evil obsessing spirits and protect you right now.

Student's Prayer

Calm down, for, with these strong prayers for desperate students, you will count on the Lord's help to pass any difficult test.

Prayer to find things lost

Who has not lost anything, who has not gone into agony and despair? If this is your problem, pray to Saint Longinus and Saint Anthony.

Prayer for Wisdom

Enhance your inner knowledge by asking God for wisdom with one of these prayers designed to take your mind to the next level of understanding.

Night Prayer

It's good to say a bedtime prayer to get a night of complete and refreshing sleep. Resting helps us to get rid of what worried us during the day!

Prayer to keep evil away

Keep evil away from your life with a powerful prayer to banish the evil, fear, perversity, or any monster that we sometimes create.

Prayer of thanks

Be thankful for grace or action received or achieved with a powerful prayer of thanks to God! For, everything can improve even more.

Serenity Prayer

Surely this prayer will help you to achieve the serenity you so much need at this moment in your life and thus regain control of your destiny.

Prayer before meals

It is perfect for praying these prayers to bless the food, for we must be grateful for the food. It is crucial to pray for people who have nothing to eat.

Player of Blessing

By saying a prayer for blessing and favor, we are thanking ourselves and someone else in tune with the power of God over our lives.

Prayer for Baptism

The prayers for baptism serve to clarify that the most important thing is to establish a spiritual connection between the person and the faith he professes.

Prayer to remove warts

Ask God, with this powerful prayer, to help you remove that ugly wart that has been bothering you for so long. Get rid of warts now!

Prayer for deceased mother

Dedicating a prayer to a mother in heaven helps us to find the strength we need to follow, even after such a disturbing and sad event.

Prayer for rain

Ask God with this powerful prayer for the rain we need in our lives. You will see how it rains soon, so prepare your umbrella.

Prayer to strengthen your faith in God

Are you feeling faithless, downcast, alone, or in difficulty? It is time to say this prayer to strengthen and increase your faith and believe in God.

Prayer for Confession

Confession helps us to be reconciled with the Lord. In our prayer to confess our sins, we must ask the Lord to restore our spirit.

Prayer for meditation

Relax your mind and body with this powerful daily prayer for meditation and mindfulness. With this prayer, you will get rid of all your stress.

Prayer to Invoke God

God never abandons his children, especially in difficult times, so we must invoke his presence, give thanks and ask him not to leave our side.

Prayer to communicate with God

Feel the peace as you pray a prayer to talk and communicate with God, for no matter what state you are in, he will answer you.

Prayer to the Blood of Christ

The Blood of Christ is one of the most important, powerful, and representative elements of the Catholic Church, so the prayer dedicated to Him is powerful.

Prayer to keep out enemies

Know the mighty and strong prayer to drive any enemy away definitively now and for good from his path, relationship, or work forever.

Prayer for a pregnant woman

Regardless of the stage of your pregnancy, with these powerful prayers for pregnant women, you can ask God for protection for you and your baby.

Prayer for deliverance

If you feel imprisoned because of your thoughts, enemies, or any evil, say this strong and powerful prayer for deliverance from evil and sin.

Prayer against witchcraft

If you feel you are a victim of witchcraft, convert to the word of God for your salvation with this strong prayer to break witchcraft and sorcery attacks.

Prayer for baby

Is your baby scared? Can't sleep all night? Are you sick or just born? Say these strong prayers for your baby to receive God's protection.

Prayer for Conception

If you are trying to get pregnant but can't, ask God to give you the grace of motherhood with this strong prayer to get pregnant.

Prayer against envy

If you feel great envy at work, in your marriage, or any other area of your life, say this strong prayer against envy to protect yourself.

Prayer against fear

Are you afraid all the time? This prayer will help you to overcome and cut your greatest fears. Fill yourself with God's protection.

Prayer against pride

Are you tired of continually having to deal with that person because of his pride? If so, put an end to it with this prayer against a man's pride.

Prayer against nightmares

Do you continually wake up in the middle of the night because of nightmares? If so, say that prayer, and you will see how this fear ceases to exist.

Curse Breaking Prayer

You think they cast a black magic spell on you and want to break it? To do that, say one of these powerful prayers to break any curse.

Prayer for distress

Are you feeling distressed or worried about something? Get rid of these moments of anguish with this prayer, you will see how the Lord will be at your side.

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