Prayers for Money

Ask for God's blessing for financial prosperity and peace of mind in all matters relating to money, work and sales.

Prayer for success

Here you will find powerful prayers for success in many different scenarios that can impact our lives and that Our Lord wants us to be.

Prayer to get a job

Trying to get the job you want and fast is not easy. Why not ask for help with a powerful prayer for urgent employment?

Prayer for prosperity

If you need to ask for urgent financial prosperity in your life, pray this powerful prayer for prosperity and lead your life to wealth.

Prayer for work

Bless your first day of work with this strong prayer so that the place goes well before and after. Purify the work environment to make it work!

Salesman's Prayer

If you need to sell a property or land or increase the sales of your store, or services do this powerful prayer of the sellers to get what you want.

Prayer to make money

Are you in financial trouble? Maybe one of those prayers to get or make quick money will help you get out of this urgent situation right away.

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