Prayers for Love

Solve your love problems by asking God for favor with these strong prayers of love. He will return your happiness to your love situation.

Prayer to Pomba Gira

To call someone or bring love back, say the powerful prayer to Pomba Gira so that Maria Padilha can help you make a strong tie.

Prayer for marriage

Do you seek to bless your marriage? Or do you want to do everything possible to save it from the crisis and get peace again?

Prayer for couple

Let's have a couple's prayer. A prayer for harmony in the relationship, for couples in crisis, or the happiness of the couple!

Prayer for lovers

You want to say a prayer for your lover! You can choose between prayer for prudence in the relationship, protection in the relationship, or for engagement.

Prayer for him to repent

If you want to make up for the lost relationship, and are willing to forgive your repentant boyfriend or husband's mistakes, try these prayers to God.

Prayer for my husband to love me

This powerful prayer will help your husband to regain his goals, and together you will be able to share the love and understanding you have always had.

Prayer to undo mooring

How do we act if we suspect our partner was tied up? There is no doubt that magic is a sin and that the one who practices it needs divine protection.

Prayer to find my true love

If you are looking for the right person for a relationship, the thing you can do is say this prayer to find your true love and soul mate.

Prayer for him to ask me out

Do you want that person to invite you on a date, but you don't know what to do to make that happen? In that case, try this prayer and see.

Prayer to conquer a woman

Is there any woman you're attracted to and don't know how to win her over? In this case, we recommend that you say this strong prayer for her.

Prayer to conquer a man

How can we win over these closed and hard to understand people? How can we speed up the process of winning over those we love most?

Prayer for him to leave everything for me

Is your love for him so great that you'd like him to drop everything to be with you? Then try this strong prayer, and you will see what happens.

Prayer to be desired

You're looking for a girlfriend, but you have trouble getting one? Maybe you need to arouse your interest with this prayer to be more desired,

Prayer for breaking up

It is difficult to break up a relationship without harming the other person, so resorting to prayers to gain strength throughout the process is a relief.

Prayer to get married

If you are sure that the person next to you is the one you want to spend the rest of your life with, then make this powerful prayer to get married.

Prayer for him to want to live with me

You want him to take the next step to live together? Then one thing you can do is this strong prayer that he will decide for good.

Prayer for him to dream of me

If you feel strongly in love with a man and want him to dream about you every night, then what you can do is this powerful prayer.

Prayer for stronger loving relationship

With this prayer, you can ask the Lord to intercede for his love to be strengthened, returning to love as it was in the beginning.

Prayer for him not to break up with me

Are you afraid he'll leave you? Break up your love affair? Then pray this strong prayer that the person you love will continue to love you.

Prayer to make him miss me badly

If you want a man to miss you until he can no longer, driving him crazy with love and desire, then this powerful prayer will help you.

Prayer for him to send me a message and talk to me

Are you distressed and need a message from someone you love? How about using prayer for a person you like to send you a message or talk to you?

Prayer for a husband to be faithful

Prayer for the husband to be faithful and passionate. This prayer works if you have faith, change some of his attitudes, and be sincere with yourself.

Prayer for him to love me

Do you need him to love you and feel you and that we're as loved as we want? Pray this prayer for him to love you more every day and respect you forever.

Prayer for him to be afraid of losing me

If what you want is to make him feel a deep fear of losing you, then this strong and powerful prayer will undoubtedly help him.

Prayer for reconciliation

Even if you are a distant couple, a mother upset with her child, or have distanced yourselves from God, and this prayer will help reconciliation.

Prayer for a man to stand at your feet

Sometimes you have to be firm in love if you want it to crawl at your feet. Say one of these three prayers for him to give himself up to your passion.

Prayer for him to go crazy for me

Is there a man you like? Do you want to make him feel the same as you do? If you're interested, say this prayer, and you'll see how crazy he'll get.

Prayer for him to cry for me and not want another

Father, I want to dedicate my strong prayer today to myself, one prayer for him not to want another, because a very particular situation afflicts me.

Prayer to call someone

If you want to call someone, especially if it is for love, with these prayers, you will be able to reach him, no matter how far away he is.

Prayer to be attractive

If you want to draw a man's attention through irresistible beauty, this prayer will help you improve your self-esteem to achieve this.

Prayer to forget someone

If you feel the urgent need to forget an ungrateful love or a person who hurts you, you can say this prayer to make it happen.

Prayer for him to call me

Powerful prayer to get your loved one to call you desperate right now! Be sure that he will call you in 2 to 5 minutes! So do it now and take the next step.

Prayer for him to come back to me

Make this confident and powerful prayer for him to come back to me desperately so that the beloved person not only understands you but seeks you in 10 min.

Prayer to bring love back

If your greatest desire is to get the loved one back into your arms, say this intense prayer to bring love back as soon as possible.

Prayer to keep away a lover

With God's love, you will be able to bring your marriage back to the Lord's path by praying to drive away your husband's lover forever.

Prayer to unite a couple

Learn how to pray the prayer to unite a couple or two people you like, even if you are a distant couple or a mother upset with her child.

Prayer to separate a couple

The person you love is dating someone else? If you love her, say a powerful and strong prayer right now to separate a couple urgently!

Love Binding Prayer

Do you wish to tie the person you love to your side even today? With this powerful mooring prayer, you will definitely bind his love for you.

Prayer to make him think of me

Do you want to be the center of his attention? If you want him to think about you, do a prayer so that in his thought, there is only love for you.

Prayer to soothe the heart

If you have been hurt by love or don't know what to do, not to drive away those who love you, God will hear you with these beautiful prayers to soothe your heart.

Prayer for a husband to want to have children

If you want to be a mother, raise a family, and your husband is resilient, say this prayer to get the beloved pregnant, and that he wants it too.

Prayer to Anima Sola

If you are having love problems, money problems, or are seeking divine protection from enemies, go to the prayers of Anima Sola for your salvation.

Prayer for him to beg to stay with me

If you have distanced yourselves, but you wish to continue with him, do this prayer that he may implore you today to keep the relationship that unites you.

Prayer to the Unquiet Spirit

You tried to do everything, and it didn't work to calm down? So now, it's time to ask the Unquiet Spirit with one of these prayers to dominate and attract.

Holy Death Prayer

If you need help in love or with money, invoke the powerful Saint Death right now with a prayer to help you solve your problems today.

Prayer to the spirit of despair

Say this specific prayer if you find yourself in a situation of separation from the person you love, or for domination, or other hopeless cases.

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