Healing Prayers

If you have health problems and need to recover from your illness quickly, you can do any of these miraculous healing prayers.

Healing Prayer

If you know a person with health problems, say one of these strong and powerful healing prayers to ask for the healing of their illnesses and diseases.

Prayer for surgery

If you are going to have surgery, regardless of the context, it is good to pray that the Lord will take care of you and protect you with His power.

Prayer for the sick

Is someone close to you sick, maybe in your family, perhaps you're sick? Say this powerful prayer for the sick and have hope; everything will improve.

Prayer against the coronavirus

Ask for the healing and protection of those who suffer from COVID-19 with this powerful prayer against the spread of infection by the coronavirus.

Prayer for childbirth

Our Lady of Childbirth is the protector of women who seek a safe and protected childbirth by the grace of our Lord. Ask her to protect your baby!

Prayer to remove warts

Ask God, with this powerful prayer, to help you remove that ugly wart that has been bothering you for so long. Get rid of warts now!

Prayer for insomnia

Relief your sleeplessness with this strong prayer for insomnia. With God's great help and your faith, you will sleep well tonight.

Prayer for a peaceful mind

Are your thoughts making you anguished and nervous? Soothe and serenely your troubled mind now by praying this powerful prayer.

Prayer to stop drinking and smoking

Do you want to stop drinking and smoking once and for all? Pray these powerful prayers for strength and help from the hand of God.

Prayer for anxiety

Say this prayer for anxiety relief if you feel very anxious and need to calm down as soon as possible. God will always be with you to set you free.

Prayer for depression

Fight and get out of depression and sorrow with this powerful prayer against depression. You will overcome it with the help of the Lord and your faith.

Prayer for losing weight

Let's say a prayer to lose weight! Choose between praying to lose weight quickly or to lose weight by asking for the intersection of the Blessed Sacrament!

Prayer for toothache

Let's say a prayer for a toothache! Ask for the intercession of St. Apollonia to end tooth and gum pain.

Prayer for headache

Let's say a prayer for a headache! Say a prayer is asking for the intercession of Saint Dionysius, Saint Aspace, or Our Lady of the Head.

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