Prayer for business

Ask God to bless your business with this strong prayer. Because only He has the power to make, it prospers quickly.

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When starting a new enterprise, it is essential to bless it with prayer. This prayer for business works to receive good vibrations and let energies flow.

Also, if you want to protect and bless your business for success, you must surely pray this prayer with faith and hope whenever you can. If possible, it is ideal that you pray daily.

This prayer also helps each of your customers who come into your business to feel at ease. This should be done with great trust and faith so that they can obtain the blessings they expect to evolve.

You can say this prayer in the morning when you start your work, or in the afternoon when you finish your day. Also, you can do it in the company of workers, if you want.

It is essential to do it with good wishes and hope in your heart, so it is often recommended to do it with your family.

In this conversation you have with God, you can also add some special requests you have.

In this way, Jesus will guide your steps on the right path so that all the decisions you make are ideal for your business, your progress, and your well-being.

Prayer to bless the business

Jesus Christ, I ask you to be my guide in the world to start this business, to progress in the best way, and to be the sustenance of our home.

My Father, you are the best ally I can have in this project, besides being my best partner in this process.

Allow us in this new venture, to be sure of success, join me now, your son, and all those who are part of this business. Please do not allow us to make wrong decisions and, above all, protect my employees from people with bad intentions.

Also, we will provide sources of work for people in need and with good intentions. Please help us to provide the best service to our customers, family, and friends.

May everything we do in this project is respectable, as it is a dream of my life! And for that, I need much strength, and make the right decisions, and even if we don’t need the powerful money.

Give us your wisdom, cleverness of idea, ways to go, and love to serve all those who enter through that door in the best possible way.

Pour your blessings into this business and do not allow our path to deviate from the main goals we have set.

We implore you, sir, that this business succeeds and that your love and that of Mother Mary reign in it.

Bless more the thoughts of all who work here, as you see the actions we perform daily and the words that come from our mouths.

We ask this of you, Lord Jesus Christ, Amen!


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