Prayer to bring love back

If your greatest desire is to get the loved one back into your arms, say this intense prayer to bring love back as soon as possible.

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When you fall in love, you think 24 hours a day about yourself. All our fantasies are about our passion, we can’t get it out of our heads. We believe that whatever happens, we’ll be together for the rest of our lives.

Life has constant changes, and relationships are made difficult by them, to the point that when the perfect relationship you have falls apart before your eyes.

There is nothing that faith in the Lord cannot accomplish, and your happiness will always be a goal. Try one of these strong prayers to bring that loved one back into your arms quickly.

Prayer to bring love back today

Dad, I want to thank you for the unconditional love you show me. Only you can love me very much and fully. I know that all the plans you have planned for my path are necessary for my personal and family growth.

However, I was deeply saddened by the (so-and-so) departure. I am aware that things could have happened better, and I regret it. I had the time to reflect and return to his teachings, find his word again, and realize all my mistakes.

I ask you, Lord, with this prayer to bring love back, to give me a second chance in this relationship at this time. I know that we are destined to be together and that his absence causes me an enormous pain in my soul that can only be healed with your love, Lord.

Let our souls intertwine, and we can rebuild the beautiful relationship we had in the past. Please bring back the so-and-so even today. Seek and bring love back to me!

Open our eyes to the mistakes of the past and give us the gift of forgiveness. Resentment only causes pain in me, and I want to eliminate it from my life. Help me to follow the path of goodness and much love, Jesus Christ urgently.

I ask Saint Anthony for this prayer to bring love back urgently!


Prayer to bring the beloved back immediately

Dear Jesus Christ. On this occasion, I call upon you to seek your powers and spiritual help. I am going through a delicate moment that causes me much harm, and I wish it to be resolved immediately.

My beloved has decided to end our relationship without considering my feelings. Guided by anger and rage, he decided to leave and not return. I ask him to free his mind from the fog of evil, violence, distrust, and let him see the truth through his eyes.

Do not let sin take hold of his being. I implore you, Lord, to communicate with me in the next 24 hours with a relieved head and without feelings of anger so that we can talk. You have taught us that the word can solve everything. I ask you to allow us to speak urgently to solve our problems.

I thank you, Lord, for all the kindness you have put into my heart and for opening my eyes to the miracle of forgiveness. I have understood that I must put aside anger and go on the path of joy and reconciliation. Thank you, Lord.

Saint Anthony bring my love (name) back to me!

Saint Anthony, hear my prayer! Saint Anthony, hear my prayer! Amen.

Prayer for a husband to return sorry

Lord, God of goodness and love, King of heaven, St. Anthony, I believe in your powers and your passion.

I make this powerful prayer to bring love back. I am afflicted with the betrayal that my ex(the guy’s name) did to me. It unimaginably hurt me, I always cry a lot and feel lost.

However, you taught me that forgiveness is the way to enter heaven, and after much deep reflection reading your sacred word, I understood that I must forgive.

I pray that my husband (the guy’s name) may return repentant to the bosom of his family, to the comfort of his family, and that there may be a reconciliation of our souls.

Take away, Lord, the wrath and anger of his being. Protect his body with the sacred cloak and remove from him all forms of sin that surround him, even those who find themselves friends.

I trust You, my Lord, and know that Your Will is right. May the mind of my husband (name of the guy) be enlightened and let him see the terrible mistake he has made!

Make him come back to me repentant. I will receive him with open arms and my heart free, willing to forgive him, and recover the lost relationship.

I pray this prayer to bring love back to me! To bring the person (name), I love back urgently!


Prayer to bring ex back crawling

Dear Jesus Christ, heir to the kingdom of heaven and son of God. You have always shown me that prayer is the best communication I can have with you. With this powerful prayer, you look hard to bring love back to me!

The relationship I had with (name) collapsed because of a mistake. This hurt me deeply, but you taught me to forgive.

Your word is my deed, and now I am ready to forgive all his mistakes. I have the holy spirit in my heart, and I know that receiving my ex (name) with open arms will allow us both to heal.

I ask you to intervene in his thoughts and make him see his errors and how to correct them. Let the strength of forgiveness take hold of his being so that he can now return to my side, repentant, but willing to resolve the situation.

May he (person’s name) see that we are perfect for each other and that together we achieve unthinkable things!

Thank you, my Lord, for all the good you have brought into my life. Allow this opportunity, this good fortune that my family returns to normal forever under your protection.


Tips for your prayer to have a powerful effect

Talking to the Lord and the saints (requires) concentration and much faith. You should hold your prayers in a quiet place, where you can clear your mind of the evil thoughts that impede your reflection process.

If you feel very distressed, try to calm down, relax your mind, and then pray now. Otherwise, you may fall into anguish. Concentrate on your task of doing the powerful prayer to bring love back and open your mind and spirit to the Lord and his saint.

You should keep in mind that this prayer to bring love back, require something special, which is your ability to forgive. It will do no good if your ex-partner returns to the same mistakes as before if you are not willing to forgive the mistakes of the past and start a new story.

Remember that only God is perfect; we humans are susceptible to the wrong choice, sin, and evil, so we must be aware of our mistakes to correct them.


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