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Prayer to the Blood of Christ

blood of Jesus

The blood of Christ is one of the most essential and representative elements within what is the Catholic Church, it is also one of the most powerful, so there is a prayer dedicated to it.

This element is kept alive in the wounds of the hands of Jesus Christ. It is kept alive through the image that Jesus on the cross when he sacrificed himself for humanity, and where his blood flowed to deliver them from evil.

No matter what petition is made to the blood of Christ, it has the power to grant its faithful everything they ask for. This prayer can be done anywhere, and during any time of day, have the firmness and sufficient faith that the miracle will be granted.


Prayer to the Blood of Christ for the children

Praised Holy Father, I come to your feet begging to be heard in this moment of anguish that I am living. I have come to ask you to intercede to remove all evil company from my beloved son.

Take away everything negative in his life, everything that can cause him to harm like drugs, and turn him into a right person, who devotes himself to his studies and integrates much more into family life.

My Lord, bless my son, purify his soul, cleanse from his being all traces of hatred and resentment. Let him not suffer from anguish, offer him serenity in his most difficult moments and transform him into a being of light, into a kind person who loves his fellow-men, that his only presence transmits love, protect him with your blood.

Blessed God, have mercy on us, you who see everything and know everything, fill us with wisdom to be more understanding, let us be better parents to understand and know-how to carry their rebellion proper to age.

Pour on our son and our family your blessed and pure blood to fill us with so much strength that we need at this moment. I ask you, sir, Amen.


Prayer to the Blood of Christ For difficult cases

Blood of Jesus Christ, pure and sublime blood, free me, forgive me, fill me with your beautiful presence. Healing blood that you offer strength, I adore you in your mysterious presence on the altar, I believe in your power, I trust in you to protect me from all evil, and I pray from the depths of my being, fill my heart and inflame it with your mercy.

Most whole blood emptied on the cross, I offer you in homage my compliment and love, I return to you Lord your blood and life that has allowed us men have been saved and defended against all the evil that haunts us.

Beloved Jesus, you who gave me the precious gift of your blood, and at Calvary, with great courage you paid the price of my redemption; O Christ Jesus, who on the altar you live for me, you transmit life to me, you are the beginning of known graces, and God’s gift to each of his children, you are the demonstration of eternal love for humanity.

Thank you, Father, for the royal blood that frees us from evil, thank you, Eternal Father, Amen.


Prayer to the Blood of Christ To expel problems

Dear child of my heart, if you plan to serve our Lord, you must be prepared for the great trial. Strengthen all the will that is in you so you will not be defeated when misfortune makes its appearance. Hold on to the grace of the Lord, and do not stray from His sacred mantle of protection, only then will you receive prosperity when the time comes.

Receive with harmony all that comes before you, and if life fills you with anguish, accept it with humility, for the value of gold is tested in the blazing fire, and the worth of men in the fires of suffering. Rest trusting in God, and thus you will receive his help.

Those who glorify the Lord have faith in his mercy, do not leave the chosen path to fall into temptations. Those who worship the Lord, trust in His power, and they will receive His reward. Those who worship the Lord will receive bonanza, happiness, and the eternal love of God.

Notice what happened in other times, no one who trusted in the Lord was disappointed, no one who faithfully honored Him was abandoned, all those who invoked Him, He heard them.

The Lord shows his tenderness and compassion, forgiving sins and saving his faithful in moments of grief. However, weak of fearful hearts and idle hands!

Woe to sinners who lead double lives!

Weak hearts that lack strength and distrust!

God will not offer them His protection!

Woe to those who have no patience!

What are you going to do when the Lord presents the proofs to you? Those who exalt the Lord do his bidding. Those who love God fulfill his designs. Those who glorify the Lord are concerned about doing his holy will.

Those who worship the Lord humble themselves before him with respect. Let us surrender ourselves to the Lord and not men, for his love is as beautiful as his greatness.

Prayer of Protection with the Blood of Christ (Sealing)

O, merciful God, we protect ourselves with the high power that emanates from your miraculous blood, any person or circumstance through which the enemy wants to harm us.

We protect ourselves from any destructive entity that attacks through the air, earth, water, and fire, under the surface, in the satanic fibers of nature, in the precipices of darkness, and in the world, we live in. With the power of the Blood of Christ, we shatter every obstruction and action of the perverse.

We beseech before you Lord Jesus that the Virgin Mary visits our homes, accompanied by St. Michael, St. Gabriel, St. Raphael, and all her court of Holy Angels.

With the blessed power of the Blood of Jesus, we close the earth, doors, and windows. We make a circle with the Blood of Christ to protect our homes and our families.

With the sacred power of your blood beloved Jesus, we protect the places we are going to visit this day and the people with whom we are going to relate (indicate the names).

We thank the Lord for the blessing of your miraculous blood. We thank Him for your life, which saved us all from evil, eternal graces, Amen.