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Player of Blessing


Blessings must always be present in our mouths. With it alone, we can constitute a kind of protection around us, which will only allow positive things to enter and drive away negative thoughts.

Through the Scriptures, God shows us that His blessings are not loaded with sadness, which is crucial when it comes to identifying the gifts that come from God.

By doing a blessing prayer, we are thanking ourselves as well as another person. Simultaneously, we recognize the power of God over our lives.

He is the one who can guide us in the best and worst moments. Based on this, we need to keep the Blessing present in our lives, so we can be protected and never feel helpless.

So bless all your friends and family so that Jesus will protect them.


Blessing prayers

For all the blessings

O Lord Father, I pray for your blessing. I pray that my hands may have the power to bless everything that passes through them during this day. Fill my work with graces and enlighten me to do it in the right way without falling.

Bless all who work with me. Bless my feelings and thoughts to avoid being negative, so that I only have love to offer.

Fill all my words with blessings, eliminate the things I may regret later, my Father. Bless the time, and my life, and let me carry your word to the person who needs it. I desire to be your living image, my Lord.

O Father, bless those whom I cherish in my heart, the Holy Spirit and the Virgin Mary, Amen.


God bless our journey

Father Almighty, thank you for this day that is beginning. Thank you for the opportunity to bring me closer to you. To serve you better than I have done up to now. Thank you for my family, my friends, and everything around me that leads me to you, my Lord.

Bless my steps on the path that leads me to you. Allow me to be an example of your kindness, carrying your word. In this way, I will be able to guide and teach your word, the one that filled me with breath when I needed it most. Because you have never left me alone, and that is something that everyone should know, so they will come to you and be more protected.

Bless my words. Fill my hands with your pureblood, that I may succeed in my work. I wish to be more talented and successful in fulfilling my dreams because I know that success is assured with you with your company.

I want to be your faithful servant. Please make me a person who transmits all your peace. Mold me in your image. I leave in your hands what I will be in the future and make the changes in me that you consider necessary, to glorify your name. Amen.


Thankful Blessing

My Lord, I come to thank you for blessing me for this new day. Thanks to your divine intervention, I can understand how great your love is. I thank you for making me happy with your blessing, and for teaching me to believe in you. For letting me know that I am not missing anything with you, and that protection is assured at your side. Because by believing and having faith in you, everything in life can be fulfilled.

I feel fortunate to have received the gift of your peace, your love, and your protection. Thank you for becoming my guide. Thank you for keeping me away from all the danger that has crossed my path. It means everything to me, for protecting me since I received your blessing.

Thank you for filling me with courage and love, being able to share it with everyone around me. Every day I raise my supplications in the hope that you will listen to me and with the confidence that your goodness will be present in my life. I have no doubts because I feel you are at my side at every moment, and I must never faint because your blessings are with me, listening to me whenever I trust you.

Thank you for filling me with blessings, for guiding me every step of the way, for teaching me the way of good. Amen.

Bless us o Lord

Holy Father, I place in your hands every second of my life. All the works I have done, I will leave them in your hands so your will may always be done. I ask You to guide me in every step, in every action, so that I may receive Your love and reach each one of the purposes and goals that I have outlined.

Keep me away from people who want to see me sunk. Do not let me stumble upon ill-intentioned people and always guide me towards the eternal light where love and peace are present.

Lord, I also beg you with much faith and fervor to give me your eternal protection. I hope that you will always take care of me and that all your goodness will fall upon me. I wish to be taken care of by you, may I never lack your blessings, I beg you.

I trust in you blindly, and eternally, I am sure that with you, I will be able to fulfill all that I desire. I do not doubt that your path is full of blessings for me, those that I need to continue standing, fighting, and walking on your path, Amen.