Prayer to the Blessed Virgin Mary

When you find yourself in moments of weakness and feel that you cannot carry the burden, say one of these powerful prayers to the Blessed Virgin Mary.

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Prayers to the Virgin Mary

The Blessed Virgin Mary, Mother of Jesus Christ, chosen by God the Father himself, as the powerful woman who would carry in her womb the Holy Messiah who would always save us from sin! Devotion to the Blessed Virgin is enormous, and millions of believers throughout the world concentrate on her image by praying, pleading, and asking for grace.

As a good mother, Mary took upon herself the task of protecting all people on earth, sinners, and nonsinners, because her love is infinite. God, the Father, gave her the grace to care for and love all equally.

Take a few minutes during your day to dedicate a prayer to Mary Our Lady. May all divine grace and power rest upon her shoulders and fill her heart!

In 1927, in Egypt, a fragment of papyrus dating back to the third century was found. This prayer to the Blessed Virgin Mary, Our Lady, is the oldest known.

Consecration Prayer to the Blessed Virgin Mary

To your protection, we turn to Holy Mary, Mother of God. Do not despise our supplications in our needs, but always deliver us from all dangers, O glorious and blessed Virgin!

Long live my Queen of all souls!

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Prayer to the Blessed Virgin Mary

Mother Mary, you have protected me with your angels and saints with such love since my birth, just as you did with your holy son, Jesus Christ. You taught me so many truths as if you were my birth mother, and where you gave all the tools for my parents to raise me in the person above the morality that I am today.

Today I pray to you, most holy Virgin, because to you, I consecrate and venerate my devotion, heart, and my eternal love. You have given me valuable lessons in life. You have accompanied me in each of the steps I have taken towards success. I ask you very much to continue accompanying me until my body leaves this plan and can find it in the hands of the holy angels in the kingdom of heaven.

Put your protective cloak and Virgin Mary’s intercession on me and protect me from all the evil, fear, and despair that is hidden. Protect my home, my family, my belongings, and all that I most venerate and consider sacred, for these are the things that complement my personality and make me a good woman.

Place in me all your divine mercy, affection, docility, and allow the power of the Lord God, Jesus, and the Holy Angels, to teach my heart, will, soul and spirit. You know that I am a person very dedicated to Christ and that I consecrate my spirit, humble and loving. Give me the strength and the power to continue on God’s path and to attain eternal life.


Make your request to the Virgin Mary with other prayers

You can follow the prayers and prayers with faith, which you do to the Virgin Mary with the “Hail Mary” or the reading of various Bible verses that speak of her goodness and courage. Praying the rosary before going to bed will also give you a deeper connection with your holiness. It will allow you to achieve the spiritual peace you so desire.

Encourage yourself to create your prayer or prayer for the Virgin Mary, in which you can include your petitions and thank her with great humility and respect for all the value and good she has given you throughout your life. She will be delighted to hear the words that come from your heart and that profess unconditional love for God and his word.


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