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Prayer to the Blessed Sacrament


The celebration of prayer to the Blessed Sacrament is a ceremony that is celebrated in the Catholic religion. It includes prayers that are in the public domain so they can be made whenever necessary, or when the faithful find themselves in some difficulty.

Prayers can be used when you feel the need for a coat, for a word that comforts you in a moment of great anguish. These prayers should always be accompanied by great faith and feeling in the heart since it is an act of great spiritual importance both for the religion professed and for the believer.

Prayers for adoring the Blessed Sacrament show that the faithful surrender spiritually to its presence. Each one of the prayers addressed to the Blessed Sacrament is of great importance, because beyond making a specific request, the soul and heart surrender before God.

In each of these prayers, the sincere heart is adored, becoming a weapon of high power when spirituality is spoken of. That is why it is so important to be aware of the power that prayers have. And that their effect will always depend on the faith with which the prayers are said.


Prayers for the adoration of the Blessed Sacrament

Eternal Father, I recognize that the infinity of your love has come to save me, even when my will has been against it. You are patient, compassionate, and pious, thank you for not letting me fall in the most challenging moments, thank you, my God.

My only way to thank you for the mercy you have had with me is all that is weak in me, the pains that afflict me, and my misfortune. I stand before the presence of your spirit full of love. I desire to remain by your side to atone for my sins and to renew myself in the passion of my offering to pay tribute to you with praise and adoration.

O blessed Jesus, I have come before you to receive the virtues of your divine and kind heart, accompanied by all the faithful, the Holy Church, and the religious who profess your word. Adorable Jesus, I wish that this time may be full of love and that I may receive all the grace you have reserved for me.

Beloved Virgin Mary, I beg you to embrace me with the sentiments of your immaculate heart. O my God, I believe you, and I love you, so today I ask forgiveness for those who do not accept or trust in your word.

Holy Trinity, receive my deep love as I offer you the body, soul, and blood of our Lord, located in every tabernacle around the world, as atonement for every sacrilege with which our beloved Lord has been offended. Amen.


Prayer to the Blessed Sacrament for a miracle

O Holy Father, today we give infinite thanks for your sacrifice full of love that led you to the cross to atone for our sins. I recognize you as my only and great savior, so I offer before my whole life.

Beloved Most Holy, better than anyone else, you know what I am suffering at this sad moment of my life, and the reason that has brought me totally humiliated at your feet, I want to embrace your word that promises that we will be healed through your wounds.

I pray that you will open through this doctor, that you will present him with the necessary knowledge so he can heal me if it is your will. I was hoping you could go through my being with your hands, cleanse me of the sickness that slowly consumes me and return me to good health.

Most Holy, listen to my supplications, fill me with grace, and help me to get out of this situation. May your holy and kind will be done, Amen.


Prayer to praise the Most Holy Sacrament of the Altar

O Blessed Lord, thank you for the peace and mercy that I receive this day from you. I am ready to receive Jesus in body and soul, and in this way, my life will begin to receive the gratitude and happiness that your long-awaited visit provides.

I keep in the deepest part of me to be a holy faith that gives me the strength to stand up in times of crisis. I enjoy the joyful company of heaven that shelters me in the entire journey of my life.

I feel covered by the sacred mantle. With that, no one can be against me. My faith and trust in the Most Holy Sacrament will be able to deal with all the evil that may come my way. I am confident of that.

I take prayer and the sacrament as part of my soul. I receive it with total mercy, love, and benevolence. I hope that the peace of spirit will always be with us and lead us away from complete darkness. Thanks to my faith, I know that it can be accomplished. I hope to be able to heal myself of all that is blurring my path into the future. May my faith be manifested at all times, Amen.

Prayer to the Holy Sacrament before going to sleep

Beloved and dear Jesus, during the darkest nights you find yourself in solitude on the altars around the world, forgotten by many of the faithful who do not show the faith they profess, I turn to you tonight to accompany you and that you attend me.

Tonight I give you my whole heart, praying that their beats will transmit to you all the love I feel every time I adore you. You, beloved Lord, who spend the nights awake under the sacramental devices without your kind love resting watching over the sinners of this world.

Beloved Jesus, use my heart as a light that is always burning for your merciful love. Take care of the world, of the religious, of the souls who cannot find a way, of the sick who so much need consolation, of the living, of the dead and especially of this soul who has become your faithful follower ready to serve you.

Blessed be you for eternity, beloved Jesus, sanctified be your heart in the tabernacles around the whole world, may it always be your will, I trust in it eternally, and there is no doubt in my heart, Amen.