Prayer for Baptism

The prayers for baptism serve to clarify that the most important thing is to establish a spiritual connection between the person and the faith he professes.

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Baptism is one of the most important ceremonies of faith in God in any religion. It is the act in which a person first receives his devotion and begins to establish his life based on the belief he has adopted.

In the Catholic faith, the child is baptized a few months after birth. In this action, the parents commit themselves to the Lord, linking their children to the Catholic faith, incorporating it into the work of God.

Therefore, the children begin their lives protected by the love of God, with faith and hope of good days. Baptism is a sacrament to be included in the presence of faithful Christians.

Prayer for Baptism

Almighty God, may glory and honor be to you. We have come before you to glorify (indicate the name of the child to be baptized), which you have given us to form our family.

He has come to fill our lives with joy and emotion, so we must guide him on his way through his life.

We glorify him so that, from today, in this baptism and prayer, he may begin his life with you as guide and protector.

May he grow in the knowledge that your Holy Spirit is his protector! May he have good intentions, with patience to wait for the fulfillment of his promises. He believes in his words and teachings, communion, and behavior.

May he stand firm in his faith for you, and may his baptism be the beginning of a life full of blessings.


Baptismal prayer for a girl

Beloved Saint, we come to you today to show the life of (indicate the name of the girl).

To show our gratitude for the gift of her life in our family, and we wish you to pour your holy blessing upon her life.

May she be a healthy, safe, and intelligent girl who develops with wisdom and courage. May she be a gentle person to fulfill her dreams to be guided by you eternally.

May she be obedient to your will, may she know how to praise you, serve you, and love you.

We pray that she never leaves you and always feels good with your company in her heart. May she understand that only you can transform anything in the world, for your energy and love are more durable than anything else.

May she understand everything we want to teach her.


Baptismal prayer for a boy

Oh! King of Kings, we are here before you to present our son (indicate the boy’s name).

Thank you, eternal Pia, for being the parents of this magnificent son. We are committed to care for him, to love him and to guide him in the right direction throughout the world.

We ask you to pour your blessing upon him, so that he may enjoy a life accompanied by his Creator. May he understand his purpose in this life.

May he submit to his faith to have a life of grace and happiness.

Dear Father, we want him to accept your teachings, to become a great leader, and to enjoy the gift of the word to help others.


Prayer of gratitude and blessing

On the day of my baptism, I want to thank all those who decided to guide me in the way of Jesus, in the form of my heavenly father.

Baptism represents the official beginning of the Christian faith and the permanence in it. Today begins a path full of teaching and much learning on my part. I am immersed in the way of Christ, my father.

Oh! Lord, thank you for having received me and listened to me in all my prayers. My greatest desire is to be by your side for the rest of my life because I know you will take care of me.

Please do not abandon me, and I will not leave you alone, because from now on, I will be your faithful believer and servant. Only you will be able to lead me on the path because I have known the pure love that overflows in faith.


Prayer for Godfathers

In this baptism, Jesus Christ, we present in this Church, by the holy water, (the child’s name), a child who came into the world with a purpose that you established for him.

We pray with this prayer, that you keep this little angel in your arms full of love, light, and give him the gift of your spirit.

We ask that, by the power of the Holy Spirit, he may be a fervent child, attending to your commandments and prayers, always feeling guided by you.

May his faith remains intact even in the most challenging moments, and may he never doubt you.

Please, we ask you to guide and support his parents and godparents. Fill them with love, encouragement, and wisdom so that they may fulfill the promises they made today to you.

Make us feel the joy of the truth that everyone is genuinely committed to this baby, always to be guided on the right path.



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