Prayer for baby

Is your baby scared? Can't sleep all night? Is he sick or just born? Say these strong prayers for your baby to receive God's protection.

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Through prayers, we can ensure that our baby is fully protected from the evil of the world.

Ask God to bless your child with a healthy, productive, and divine life. When you pray for your child, remember passages from the Holy Scriptures that speak of the goodness of children’s souls, their innocence, and their weakness.

The Bible tells us that children are a gift and a reward from the Lord. Prayers for your baby or a family member will help you to reflect on God’s Word and remember His promises as you dedicate your precious sacred gift to God in prayer.

It will also be the beginning of a life dedicated to God with which we can teach minors respect for the Lord, humility, and the importance of being constant in our study of God’s Word.

Prayer to calm a scared baby

Holy Jesus Christ, you are my calm and my faith, to whom I turn when my soul is clouded by evil thoughts, doubts, anxieties, and anguish. Accompany me on the path of healing, that which I so desire, because it is your mercy that will make me meet you again.

Today, Holy One, I beg you in prayer, for the good of my baby. Lately, the baby has been terrified and agitated, as if an evil force were harassing him and not leaving him alone. He is a being of light that has not to sin, so he is susceptible to the evil of this world. Give his grace to protect my little one, God, with all your mercy.

Lord Jesus Christ, fill his cradle with love and grace and protect him from all evil. Send the Holy Guardian Angel, Father, to protect him from this feeling. He’s too nervous and too young to feel these sensations.

Help me to be an example to my son, and teach him in the Word of God. Give me wisdom to discipline my son according to your ways, so that I can find healing.

I will never stop praying for this gift you have entrusted to me. Lord, may my commitment to raise this child from my womb, for the glory of your name, make his life a witness forever to your faithfulness.


Prayer for baby to sleep well at night

Holy Christ the Redeemer, you are the son of God and the one who was sent to this earthly world to put an end to the sin of men. You died for us, and you are sitting with your father, our Lord.

My prayer today is for the protection of my baby, my child, Lord. Recently he had trouble falling asleep, wakes up very quickly, and when he finally gets to sleep, he seems agitated, uncomfortable, as if something is chasing him.

I can only trust the protection of my baby in your hands, Jesus Christ, so I ask you to put your hands on his crib and create a shield against all the curses, evil thoughts and evil entities that want to take care of and are thirsty for his innocent and noble soul.

You know that this child is my whole life, and I do what I can to protect him, but I need your help, Christ.

Give me the strength and patience to overcome this stage and for tonight entrust this child with a deep sleep with the goal of his well-being, and then I too can rest.

I beg you, our bodies are discouraged and tired, and we need your mercy.


Prayer to remove the curse from the baby

Dear God, Holy Father, no one knows better than you the problems that parents who dedicate themselves to the correct education of their children may suffer. We face many adversities that threaten their lives and integrity.

God, remove all evil spirits who want to take over the noble and innocent soul of my child (name). He is not yet conscious of his soul, so he is susceptible to all evil entities, so please protect him from all evil, from the degraded, suffering, disoriented, and the ignorant poor.

I make this prayer to send the Guardian Angel to guide my son on the path of his mercy. Help him always to grow in wisdom, grace, knowledge, goodness, compassion, and love.

May this child serve you faithfully and with all his heart dedicated to you every day of his life. May I discover the joy of his presence through a daily relationship with his Son, Jesus Christ.

I beg you, Lord.


Prayer for a sick baby

Merciful God, today, I find myself in a moment of great weakness because my baby is suffering from a severe illness threatening his body and soul.

The baby is weak, Lord, a few months ago, he came out of my womb to face the world full of evil and difficulty. I beg you to protect him with your sacred cloak and remove from his body every trace of sickness that is now weakening him. Give his little body enough strength to endure this pain, so that his soul may be strengthened under your love and your mercy to heal it completely.

Help me also not to neglect my responsibilities before you, God, as this sickness passes away. However, I ask you to come and protect me and bring me to you in prayer in times of need.

I promise to make my prayers and everything in your power to raise and protect my son according to the precepts of his holy Word, once this illness is overcome with a victory.


Prayer for newborn baby

Holy Heavenly Father, God! Thank you for giving me the grace to have this precious son of mine. What a profound blessing this baby is to me! I recognize that my baby will always be yours, and I trust his protection in your hands.

Help me as a mother, Lord, with my weaknesses and imperfections. My child is safe in your mighty hands and eliminates all doubts I have about how to care for him.

Send me the Guardian Angel to give me strength, grace, and divine wisdom to well raise this child according to your Holy Word. Keep my child following the path of prayer that leads to eternal life. Help him to overcome the temptations of this world and sin.

In the name of your son, blessed Christ, our Lord, I ask you to help me to raise this newborn child with love, respect, humility, commitment, and much joy.


Teach your baby to love God from an early age

We can pray that our children will respond to Jesus’ call, that their thoughts will be pure, and that they will surrender to the work of the Lord.

Respect for God’s word, we must teach from a very young age, so don’t be afraid to start with prayers, because they are small and cannot speak yet.

Just as we love our children, Jesus and the Father love our little ones even more. Dedicate your children’s growing years and learn to teach them the Divine Word, prayers, and respect for the sacred.


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