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A powerful prayer to the Archangel Zadkiel

Archangel Zadkiel

The Archangel Zadkiel was entrusted by God to bring justice and forgiveness to the earthly world in which so much damage was done by sin and evil.

Belonging to the group of seven principal archangels, the Archangel Zadkiel has been charged with keeping the peace in the world of men, making sure, courage and bravery take hold of their hearts.

His name means “Righteousness of God,” and it speaks volumes of the work entrusted to him by the Lord.

The “Angel of Forgiveness” is one of the most venerated in times of uncertainty and conflict, because it gives minds enough peace to reflect on their mistakes and to allow for the forgiveness of the soul, as God has intended.

When you find yourself in a difficult situation where you find nothing to do; if you have been betrayed by someone you loved or if you have been deceived in some area of your life, go to the peace of the Archangel Zadkiel and ask for his divine forgiveness from the kingdom of heaven.

👼 Prayer Archangel Zadkiel transmutation

Archangel Zadkiel, the angel of mercy. I thank God for making you a blessing for people who need God’s mercy. In this fallen world, no one is perfect. We all make mistakes because of the sin that has infected us all.

However, you, Zadkiel, living close to God in heaven, know very well how the great combination of unconditional and perfect love brings us mercy. God and his messengers, like you, help humanity to overcome all the injustice that sin has brought into the world.

Please help me get closer to God when I’ve done something wrong. Let me know that God cares and will be merciful to me when I confess and turn away from my sins.

It encourages me to seek God’s forgiveness. Remind me that the Lord knows what’s best for me even more than I do.

Give me the power to choose to forgive those who have hurt me and trust that God will deal with every painful situation in the best way.

It comforts me and frees me from any memory that causes me deep pain, as well as from any negative feelings such as bitterness and anxiety.

Angel Zadkiel, never let me forget that all of us, no matter who we are, must receive your mercy for our mistakes.

It encourages me to show mercy to other wounded people and to repair broken relationships wherever possible. Amen.

The intense violet flame of transmutation

Archangel Zadkiel has been involved among the archangels associated with the “New Age,” that is, those who have been given powers beyond those described with the Christian faith and who sometimes sharply contrast with the teachings of the sacred texts.

Among these powers is attributed to the Archangel Zadkiel the force of the violet flame, which surrounds the soul of the person who prays and sanctifies it, freeing it from all sin to enter the kingdom of heaven until eternity.