Prayer for anxiety

Say this prayer for anxiety relief if you feel very anxious and need to calm down as soon as possible. God will always be with you to set you free.

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Anxiety, anguish, and depression have become real problems for many people because of the rhythm of life, something that can happen to us on some occasions.

When it comes to your case, there is nothing to despair of, because it is entirely reasonable to feel this way from time to time.

The good news for this is that you have the support of Our Lord and the Holy Spirit to face and receive the grace of liberation, of anxiety, of uncertainty, of feeling discomfort and obstacles in your life, and to make you feel like a strong and powerful person.

Pray the powerful prayer for anxiety catholic to begin healing and think hard about the feeling of liberating power. I can assure you that you will feel much better than you believe in a short time.

Prayer to calm anxiety

Dear Lord Jesus Christ, I have rarely felt the discomfort of anxiety, the worry of uncertainty, and fear that I am experiencing right now.

I never thought I would feel so anxious and desperate. However, it is happening to me, and I need you to alleviate these negative feelings that invade my heart.

I am aware that everything has a solution. However, I cannot help but feel that way, dear Lord, that is why I find myself in the painful need to return my prayers, thoughts, and requests to you once again so that you can ask the saints for help and heal me.

I feel that I am going crazy, and I find no consolation or remedy for these harmful and perverse ideas that are haunting my mind in this awkward moment that I am going through.

The only way to find some comfort is through prayer in his name, Jesus Christ, so I ask again for the mercy of his counsel for my anxieties.

I imagine you have a lot to do in this chaotic world, but I only have you to help me in this complicated trance.

You are a witness that I have done the impossible to keep calm in the face of so many problems, but it has been not very easy for me to achieve this.

I only have you to guide me and give me all the support I need to overcome all the obstacles that the moment has imposed on me.

Nothing that happens will diminish my faith in you, Father in Heaven. However, I will not be able to overcome those fears and anxieties alone.

You are the only hope I have of being victorious as I have always been, my Lord.

Please help me to attain the grace of liberation from anxiety.


Can this prayer cure my anxiety?

As this study by Mary Ruth and Kevin Lee indicates, prayer has a close relationship with mental and spiritual health, helping to decrease anxiety.

Another study by USP’s School of Nursing Journal also indicates that praying a prayer can help with freedom from anxiety in cancer patients.


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