Prayer to Anima Sola

If you are having love problems, money problems, or are seeking divine protection from enemies, go to the prayers of Anima Sola for your salvation.

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Know the tragic story of Anima Sola and the powerful prayer to bind and dominate.

The story of Anima Sola is very ancient, when Celestina Abdégano, a Christian woman, was condemned by God to suffer an eternal penalty based on solitude for the rest of the centuries in purgatory.

This penalty was given because on Good Friday, after the death of Jesus Christ, Celestine was asked to fetch water for Jesus Christ, who was dying on the cross. She did not do it out of fear, and God punished her.

Since then, Anima Sola’s prayer has granted hundreds of miracles to the faithful believers of Christianity, because it is thought that she repented for not showing compassion before the Lord.

Prayer to Anima Sola for love binding

Soul of Juan Minero that miracles happen with devotion to those who pray to you. Today I come with a sore heart because the love of my life still does not pay attention to me.

I need to stop this suffering that consumes my soul because I feel empty without (name) at my side. I want to share the rest of my life with him; I want him to be mine. I ask him not to desire other women.

I beg him, don’t give his mind rest until I am all he can think about. May my image be what moves him and help him make decisions. I am desperate for his love.

Grant me this miracle, and I will do whatever you ask, cheer Juan Minero up.

Bring our souls together for the rest of our lives, make him feel only happiness at my side.

May his eyes find mine, amid the crowd, like a compass the north seeks or a traveler who finally arrives home after a long journey around the world.

Have mercy on my soul and allow the beloved one and me to be connected for the rest of the days.


Prayer to Anima Sola to call someone

Anima Sola, who is wandering around the world, you who have the task of going to the kingdom of heaven and helping needy beings everywhere in every country!

I come to you because I am in a moment of despair, and I need you to bring me peace.

The person I love is far away and does not communicate as often as I would like. I ask you to bring him back to my side so that we can form the family we always dream of.

While he is far away, I ask you to hold me to his heart and not let him know or wish anyone else but me. Make him see that the way home is the one that leads directly to my arms, to the warmth of our home.

Grant me the miracle of seeing him return home to his family. May he be in good health and protected by you, to bring him back to my side.

Pray to Anima Sola to despair and dominate a man

Anima Sola, you help the most desperate in their moments of weakness, today I need your infinite mercy to get the soul of a man.

I am desperately in love with (name), and I need this despair that I feel inside me to be also transmitted to his soul and his thought.

Put me in front of his eyes and make me desirable even to despair. Let him see that he wants to be by my side and that he does not want to share me with anyone in this world. I am his, so I ask you to make it mine.

Enter his mind and anchor me forever to his thoughts. May the despair he feels be calmed down when he is far away, and when he comes near me, may he be entirely dominated by my spirit so that he is at my mercy.

Grant me the favor of seeing him dominated before me, the woman he loves most. Allow us to form a family and have our souls entwined for the rest of our lives.

I beg you, Anima Sola!

Prayer to Anima Sola to separate

Anima, blessed, who wanders alone in the earthly world in search of miracles and favors to be granted! I ask you to listen to the call; I am going to make in this prayer because I am desperate and in search of immediate help.

This is a prayer to take one person away from another (names). I need you to listen to me so that my soul is at peace, and I can sleep well at night.

Keep these two people apart (names). They are not made for each other and are only causing damage.

Give them (names) the courage to end the relationship that binds them together. Cut the thread of their souls and allow them to be free to meet new people, to bring well-being and love to their hearts.

Let their relationship end once and for all, for I suffer to see them together, pretending to be happy.

I ask you to grant me this request, which I make with my desperate heart. Only your action can separate them definitively and leave the way open for me to come closer.

Give me the courage to face this new challenge and open your hearts to healing.


Prayer to Anima Sola against the enemies

Anima Sola, who wanders the world! Today I speak directly to you because I need your protection from all the sin, wickedness, and witchcraft that surrounds me.

I am a weak soul because my human condition does not allow me much more. I ask you to give me strength and divine protection against all enemies who currently surround me and seek to harm my family or me.

I need you to help me destroy all enemies around me, who disguise themselves as false friends just to get close to me.

Give me the ability to differentiate between a person with good intentions and a person who only seeks my destruction or failure.

Take from me all those who like to see others fail or who take it upon themselves to truncate the dreams of others, because for them there will be a special place in hell.

Give me strength and courage like you have to defend myself when I don’t have you around.

Listen to my prayer and strengthen my heart to face all the damage they want to do to me.


Pray to Anima Sola for the money

Anima Sola, you’re always with me. I thank you for not abandoning me in my most needy moments and for accompanying me on the path to success and personal safety.

You have witnessed my growth, see how my heart has been strengthened, and many of my dreams have come true. That is why I will always be grateful to you.

Today I appeal because I am going through money problems, and I cannot find a way to solve them.

I am desperate, and I know that only bad decisions come together, so please bring peace and tranquility to my soul to clear my thoughts.

Put in my way some job offer, business, or procedure that will offer me money legally and quickly so I can pay off all the debts that suffocate me.

Give me the ability to manage my profits well so that I don’t see money wasted on unnecessary things, banalities, or vices.

It clears my mind and helps me to create a path to follow that is real and possible, that leads me directly to the success and brings much money into my life because I need it urgently.

It helps me fulfill my credits and satisfy all my basic needs, such as food or personal hygiene.

Listen to my appeal, so that I can achieve success.


Is it right or wrong to pray for her?

Anima Sola was recently associated with an evil entity that seeks to bring pain and sorrow to the earthly world. This confusion and usurpation of the benevolent identity of the soul alone are because the Catholic Church has not yet canonized her.

However, thousands of believers in the world, including priests, parents, and pastors, turn to this soul for protection and healing from disease. Whenever your prayers to this deity seek good, you will be heard by it.


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