Prayer for distress

Are you feeling distressed or worried about something? Get rid of these moments of anguish with this prayer, you will see how the Lord will be at your side.

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We all go through moments of sadness, feelings of anxiety, depression, emotional suffering, and great anguish in which we want to scream and ask what is happening. But we cannot lose our calm and even less think that we are alone with our problems because it is not valid. We must make use of the consolation and help of the Lord’s anguish!

We count on the healing presence of our Lord Jesus Christ to alleviate all the pain we may feel and to take away our worries so that we can live fully.

If you are going through one of those moments when you are so anxious that you don’t know what to do or how to proceed, say this prayer of anguish to calm your anxiety and nerves and ask for inner peace. You will feel much better in the blink of an eye.

God is not going away, and this is an excellent opportunity to see how true it is.

Prayer to take away anguish and anxiety

My beloved and always venerated God and Creator Father. I make this prayer to calm this anguish that is killing me and does not even let me breathe anymore. I feel that I am on the brink of an abyss and that at any moment, I will do so without a parachute to hold it. My life and my spirit are in your hands.

My heart can no longer withstand so much pain or anguish, so I feel that at any moment, I will decide so bad that it will cost me many things in my life.

That is why I resort to your wise and healing power, for I need someone to show me the way and avoid falling into a cliff more bottomless than I already am. I beg your grace, for the liberation of my soul, of my spirit.

Whatever else happens, I always believe in you, enlightened spirit. However, it would be excruciating for me to see that no one on the earthly or spiritual plane can help me through this storm that is so intense that I am going through these moments of my existence.

It is a storm that I do not see the end in me, and I do not know how long it will last, so I was hoping you could listen to me as you always did.

Since my parents taught me how to pray, I’ve devoted much time to prayer, and you’ve always answered me, which makes me sure that you will answer me now.

I will never lose or lose faith in you and your incredible power. I only trust you with my eyes closed, and I know that I will not regret it.


Are anguish and worry easily overcome by this prayer?

When you pray with all the hope that only a true believer can have, be sure that anything in this world is possible and that God will answer the prayers He has made for you.

It would help if you never allowed anything to take away your faith because that is all that remains. Keep them so that you can get out of any distressing situation that you are going through right now.

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