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A Powerful Prayer to the Angel Samael

Angel Samael

“He who goes in search of God,” better known as the Angel Samael, is one of the seven princes of heaven charged with protecting and caring for the good of all men on earth.

Commissioned by God to be the archangel of love, the Archangel Samael dedicated himself to bringing and promoting unconditional love among men, as well as to demonstrate to them that God’s love is real and eternal.

According to believers, he presents himself as the most loving and sensitive of his peers, and his presence feels like an inner energetic sensation that many people describe as the typical “butterflies in the stomach.”

He is venerated by hundreds of people in the world who come to him to recover a lost love, find the love that was always desired or keep alive a relationship that lasted many years.

If you are looking for comfort and support when it comes to your love life, then turn to Angel Samael for prayers that will give you all the inner peace necessary to complete your romantic goals.

💖 Samael Angel’s Prayer for Love

Dear Angel Samael, you who have been entrusted by God to spread your love to all men and women on earth know better than anyone how important love is in daily life.

You are the representation of affection, positive feelings, and deep love for God and neighbor, so I come to you in this prayer for help.

God has blessed you with the gift of spreading love among men, and I ask that today you offer me an extra dose of your affection to heal my heart that can only be felt.

I am single, have no romantic companionship, and my soul feels incomplete for not finding an equal with whom to share the love.

Thanks to your work, Angel Samael, I am full of love to give to others. I always share this with my loved ones in all areas of my life, but this time, I beg you to let me feel the romantic love I need.

I beg you to put the right person on my path to start a relationship and then a family. I am ready to welcome you with open arms and to overflow all the love you gave me years ago.

Let me find the love of my life, my adventure companion, and my faithful counselor from now on. Give us your blessing for a fruitful and lasting relationship under God’s eyes.


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💭 Angel Samael’s prayer for him to think of me

Angel Samael: You are one of the seven sent by God to protect and guide the steps of men on earth. His mission, entrusted by Almighty God himself, is to spread among men the love of neighbor and to show them by example the unconditional love of the Lord.

Today I thank you for all the love you have brought to my life because I have already found my ideal partner, the man with whom I want to spend the rest of my days.

I ask you, Angel Samael, that from now on our bond of love, what you have helped to form, may not be destroyed by any circumstance, because we are destined to live as a family for the rest of our lives.

Don’t let him stop thinking about my day and night as I do with him. Put me in your mind and heart, so that I may be the only woman he can think of and have eyes only for a future with me. We’re destined for that because you made us meet on our way.

He intercedes before God to give us his divine blessing and promises us an eternal love as we feel for Him. The Lord has repeatedly shown us the value of affection, friendship, fellowship, and partnership.

Let us remain in each other’s minds until the end of our days.


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💞 Prayer of the Angel Samael to bring love back

Oh, Angel Samael. You are God’s envoy to deal with issues of love and affection because there is no one more noble and sensitive than you in the kingdom of heaven.

This work depended on you and for that reason, so many people in the world, including me, thank you for such valuable work.

I am talking to you today because I am going through a difficult time in my love life.

Evil forces that manipulated our minds separated the love you created and upon which you placed your blessing. The person I love seems to have stayed away from me forever.

Angel Samael, I ask you to allow us to recover the love that has disappeared through the action of the devil who replaced him with anger, anger, envy, deceit, and lies.

In our relationship as a couple, there is no place for these feelings, and I beg you, Angel Samael, to replace them with love, understanding, respect, and humility, as you were at the beginning.

Now, more than ever, he blesses us and surrounds us with his unconditional love. It allows us to see the true love we feel for one another and enable us to put aside our differences to start the relationship again, this time with more force and commitment than before.

I’m begging you. Amen.

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How to pray more strongly to the Angel of love

If you were not a devotee of the Angel Samael, it is time to start praying in his name every day.

Love is a feeling that must always be present in our hearts, and God has allowed you to strengthen and protect it through the angel of love.