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A powerful prayer to the Angel Azrael

angel Azrael

Known as the angel who ascended to paradise without knowing death, the Angel Azrael is very popular in Judaism and Islam as one of the angels charged with the transition of souls to heaven or hell after death.

Believers also call him as the Angel of Death, but his actual work under God’s command has nothing dark about it as his name might indicate in another context.

Far from being a merciless angel who is at the orders of the devil to take all souls in sadness to hell, the Archangel Azrael is in charge of guiding the souls of people who die to purgatory or heaven, depending on how they acted in life on Earth.

Believers come to this Archangel at the moment when a close relative dies to beg him to help the soul of his loved one to cross the long seas of painful souls and thus reach heaven safe and sound.

If you need to pray for the soul of a deceased loved one, here is a powerful prayer for the Angel Azrael.

πŸ’€ Prayer to Azrael, the Angel of Death

Angel Azrael, you were chosen by God as the angel of death, the one who would help the souls to reach heaven after death.

You have always been faithful to God, to his teachings, to his word, and his love, and therefore have you been condescending and compassionate to the souls you receive into his arms.

Fill the souls of the deceased with love and give them a guide in the following plan of life to find the way and the light of God.

Today I ask you, Angel Azrael, to intercede in the name of God for the soul of my loved one who died recently.

As you know, he was a noble person, of good manners, who carried God and His Teachings always in his heart. He worked well and helped the neediest whenever he could, so I’m sure the sky is won.

Take him into your arms and hold his hand on the way to heaven. Show him that he should not be afraid of the hereafter, of life in the kingdom of heaven, because he will be with God as he always wanted, taking care of us from above.

I ask you, too, to give me the strength to overcome your departure. Please give me the power I need to handle his absence because I missed him so much.

Make me understand that he is better off where he is now and that he is on his way to know God. I beg you, Archangel Azrael.


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Grief is important

When experiencing death in a closed environment, you should understand that it is a natural process that God had planned for us.

Everything happens under the time of Our Lord, so you must enter into peace with the event and understand that your loved one was to be with God in heaven.