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Prayer to Almighty God

Almighty God

Prayer is one of the purest but most potent ways you have to communicate with the Lord. It can serve as comfort or encouragement to be able to move forward and bear the burdens of life and invite the Almighty to work in you.

When you need divine intervention on a particular issue or just for protection in your daily life, prayer to Almighty God is the perfect tool to do it.

Anyone can pray, you don’t need to follow a particular prayer to be heard by God, speak with faith from the heart, being honest and sincere.

However, we know that sometimes this can be a little complicated, so we will give you a small guide of prayers that can be very useful.

You can say them as we present them or adapt them to your own words and feelings, remember that the Lord listens to those who speak from the heart.


Prayers to Almighty God

For a miracle

O Lord, be praised and blessed be your presence in our lives. I am grateful for all the blessings you give me in my daily life and the love with which you care for me every day.

I come to you at this moment to implore your divine intervention in (mention the matter in which you need the miracle), humbly asking for your help and salvation.

Be the rock that holds me steadfast, my strength in this challenging time, and please intervene in (mention the issue), so (ask for what miracle you hope to obtain).

Thank you, my Lord, for always listening to me, for being in me, for accompanying me and protecting me at all times. Thank you for the trials you give me because I know that, although I do not understand them, they contain your blessings.

Thank you very much for listening to me, for giving me strength, for being always present. I know you will do your best for everyone involved. Thank you infinitely, my beloved Father.

In you, I trust, I hope I come to you at all times because I know with all my being that you are salvation. I wholeheartedly believe in you, my beloved Lord, and I hope that you intervene in the matter that I have asked of you. Amen


Thanking for everything

Dear God, at this moment, I am coming to you, not in search of comfort, or making any request, but thank you for all that you do for my beloved ones and me.

Thanks for filling my life with blessings, even those that I still cannot perceive. I know that, in your infinite wisdom, every trial you put me through, contains a great blessing, and I am infinitely grateful.

Thank you for each new dawn, for each day having an opportunity to contemplate the wonders of your creation, for having the health to be able to move forward.

Thank you for never abandoning me and providing us with our daily bread, for work, for family, for friends, for all the people who have come into my life.

Thank you for always being my peace, my comfort, my salvation, thank you for giving me all the strength I need to move forward every day. Therefore, I will always praise your name, my Lord.

Words will never be enough to thank you for everything you do for me, but I would like to begin with this simple prayer that I do to you with all my heart, which is yours forever, beloved Lord.

Thank you for every one of the blessings you give me daily, thank you for always being present at all times.


For protection

With all my heart, I come at this moment to you, my Lord, to ask that with your presence, you remove all evil from me, that you send your angels to protect my loved ones and me at all times.

I implore you to protect us from all evil, so nothing and no one outside you, your presence, your infinite love, and kindness can approach us or do us any harm.

May your divine light surround us at all times and keep away any darkness, that all beings do your will to live in harmony and surrounded by your love, my Lord.

Expel all evil that may be present in the places and beings around me so we can feel your omnipotent presence.

I pray for your protection at all times. For me, my family, my friends, my goods, and in all actions I undertake, I beg your presence in my life at every moment.Β  Thank you, sir.

For forgiveness

My soul implores for your presence beloved God, in this moment of anguish, to beg your forgiveness, my Lord, for all the sins I have committed.

I have had failures in my actions, and I repent of them. On my knees, I beg for your forgiveness, beloved Lord, I trust that in your infinite mercy, you can forgive me for the errors I have committed.

I ask with my heart, your presence in all aspects of my life, that you be my guide, Lord, so I may be a worthy daughter of yours and act following your word and your teachings.

I ask forgiveness with my whole soul. For all the times that I sinned, I ask forgiveness for the times that I failed, consciously or not, and I beg you to give me the wisdom to be able to realize it.

Forgive all the times in which I have not honored you as you deserve, in which I have left you aside, and you, with your infinite love and mercy, have known how to receive me again with open arms.

I will try at all times to honor your word, my beloved God, may your love be my north and my guide today and always, to act in the right way, according to your teachings.

For the children

Lord God Almighty, you who can do all things, protect my children at all times, deliver them from all evil, and guide them on the right path at all times.

May your divine presence accompany them in the moments when I cannot be with them, to keep them away from any danger.

With your infinite love, cover them, so nobody or absolutely nothing can cause them any harm, because it rests in you. With all my heart, I implore you on your knees not to forsake them.

Guide the steps of my children, O my Lord, that they may become persons of good, that may honor your word and know your infinite love, that may have your blessing and protection in every step they take.

I beg you, my God, to protect my children and to allow them to live your mercy, being a living example of your teachings, so your word may reach every corner of the world.

I thank You for always beloved my Lord, for all the protections and blessings You give to my children, every day. Thank you for loving us so much.

For healing

O my beloved Lord Jesus! I come to you in search of comfort. I ask You with my whole soul for my health (or someone else’s) that Your sacred mantle may cover me and fill me with healing.

May any evil that may be present be expelled, for my body is a temple of God. Give me the health to be able to move forward and worship you as your faithful servant.

There is nothing impossible for you. I know that you are the only one who can heal me because you are the miracle worker. There is no disease that, with your infinite mercy, you can not treat.

I confess to you with my soul and heart that I need you, my Lord, I beg your presence and intervention. Bring peace to my soul and healing to my body so I may continue to praise you, for great are you indeed, my Lord.

Only you know all that I am living and know who I am, I implore you to help this, your daughter, who loves you and needs you in this difficult time.

I beg you to intervene and bring you healing and take control of the whole situation. If you consider that my (or someone else’s) purpose on earth has already been fulfilled, give me the serenity to accept it.

To sleep well

My Lord, I thank you for one more beautiful day of life, in which I could contemplate your greatness, great are you and infinite are your blessings, for which I thank you, before asking you.

I ask your forgiveness for all the mistakes I made today, whether I have been aware of them or not and that you give me the strength to be a good daughter for you, according to your teachings.

May your angels and archangels watch over my sleep and protect me from all evil, during the night, so I may rest with your blessing in complete serenity.

Keep my family and me safe during the night so we may enjoy one more day to serve you as your faithful flock, feeling your infinite love.

Thank you infinitely for your blessings and your protection, O my Lord, omnipotent Father, you who live and reign in every corner. Bless me with rest so I may recover my strength and have a new day, with your blessing.

Thank you for this day my Father, I give into your hands my whole life, seeking peace and rest.