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Prayer against negativity

is no longer negative

There is a phase in our lives when we are not able to see beyond people’s mistakes, and we think that everyone around us will disappoint us in one way or another.

Of course, this point of extreme negativity is only reached when we have been repeatedly disappointed by new people whom we think would act differently or would be a breath of fresh air in the face of so much evil.

Our soul is weak and gets tired very quickly of mistakes, of believing in false people, of lies and deceptions. It is normal to feel that we have fallen into a spiral of negativity from which we cannot escape, but God will be there to lift us, even when we thought we no longer had the energy to continue.

He resorts to prayers to God to regain faith in the men he has created, and in those he protects with great love and devotion. Allow, by the word of God, right to take hold of your soul and spirit.


👎 Prayer to ward off negativity

Dear Heavenly Father. You are my anchor in moments of most significant difficulty like the one I am going through today against my person. At this moment, my mind is my greatest enemy, and I ask you, Lord, to help me out of this labyrinth in which I find myself.

I feel like the walls of my mind and soul are closing in on me. My head is full of negativity, negative thoughts, doubts, and uncertainties.

Free me, God, from all the negative thoughts that haunt me. I don’t always want to expect the worst from people or situations; I don’t want to lose hope in men, but my wounds and weaknesses limit my ability to forgive.

I come to you with this prayer against negativism because I need you to give me the strength to fight my mind. In the presence of your light, I know that I can begin to see the goodness of the world and people. Please give me a rock on which to learn to continue on the path of salvation.

Let me see the positivity of the world, understand that people are wrong, but I can’t be predisposed to the worst ever. Please give me the gift of forgiveness, rekindle hope in my being.


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Protect yourself against negativity with the power of prayer

You must practice new healthy habits to allow God’s goodness to take hold of you, for His mercy will only work on a soul that is ready to receive it. You shall pray the prayers to the Lord with great devotion and feel every word deep within your being as if it had been written from scratch by you.

You should allow yourself to feel hope, even in times of most significant difficulty, remembering that God never left you alone and that His divine mercy will always be on your side. You know that you count on the Lord at all times, and therefore, you must let your soul remain pure, clean, and ready to receive your healing.