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Prayer against macumba


We live in a society increasingly corrupted by evil and sin. The devil has taken over many souls in this world, and his mission to fill the planet with hatred, anger, and rancor seems to be working.

These dark feelings can lead desperate people to resort to magical solutions to their problems, but they always involve dark issues full of evil, such as spells, witchcraft, or macumba.

In this way, a desperate person can do much harm to another from afar, hurting his soul, creating a thick black mass that wants to take care of his body. These spells can lead you into the path of evil or can do you much harm.

God is our blessing, and His mercy will save us from all spells and false religions that seek only suffering and pain. If you feel that you are a victim of a macumba, convert to the Word of the Lord for your salvation.


Prayer against macumba

🕯 Prayer to undo macumba

Blessed God, you are my light when the darkness that surrounds me wants to close my path and extinguish my future. You are my shield against all the evil that surrounds me, my breath when I feel that I do not have the strength to continue fighting.

You are the one who gives me the energy to be able to defend my body and soul from the terrors that await me, but I feel that I have been the victim of an evil spell or sorcery performed in my name.

I pray to God to help me undo any curse they may have placed on my spirit because I have only brought right to the people around me. I have been faithful to you from the beginning, Father, so I implore you to protect me with your sacred cloak of all evil.

It takes my life, and that of my relatives who only want to harm us or take advantage of our divine goodness. We are people who are willing to help others, but we will not fall victim to the spells or curses of those who envy us.

I beseech thee, Lord, that thou mayest destroy all the macumba that compasseth my house, my soul, and my spirit. May your mercy have mercy on those who have done wrong, and may they receive the chastisement you consider necessary. Amen.


🕯 Prayer to break spell and macumba

God, my grace, my infinite love, the king of heaven. I thank you for all you have done for leading me to a life full of successes and blessings. I thank you for the obstacles you put in my way to forge me as a person of good morals and with great courage.

Today’s prayer is to receive your divine protection because I feel threatened by a macumba or spell of malicious people around me. I ask you, first of all, to have mercy on their hearts and to show them the way that leads to their salvation. Keep them away from false religions and beliefs, which speak on your behalf to do evil, because you are a person of love and good who never wants evil in the world.

God, I implore you to put a protective shield on my body and soul so curses and witchcraft do not affect me. I feel unprotected because there is nothing that I can do against them, so I ask you to intercede for me with the evil spirits and remove them with your flaming heart.

Protect my whole family, my close friends and even my pets, because I’m afraid jealous people will want to attack them too. Have mercy on me, Lord.



💔 Prayer to break separation spell

Merciful God who has mercy on the souls of your believers and gives his life for their well-being and success. Thank you for being the light that guides me, the warmth that shelters me in winter, the breeze that relieves me in summer. You’re my life, God, and I can’t thank you enough.

There’s a curse or spell on me and my partner. Some jealous and angry people decided to resort to false religions that only use black magic to seek our absolute separation.

My body and soul are weak, and I feel witchcraft beats me. My relationship broke apart, collapsing before my eyes. My partner’s changed; he doesn’t like me anymore; he doesn’t respect me anymore. God, I ask you to help me identify the person who condemned us for sorcery to final separation.

Give me strength and hold my hand, Lord, for I feel I have no power to fight the spell. Lead me to the way of heaven and teach me to defeat all black magic and the spells they have cast upon my name. Get my relationship back to what it was when we weren’t haunted.


🛡 Prayer to dismantle macumba

Jesus Christ, our Lord. Son of God, heir to heaven. The grace of the Lord is yours and with it all his power, his goodness, and his love. Your courage is my example of life, and I thank you for teaching me how to be a better person.

Lord, today, I pray for the salvation of my soul that is being threatened by a spell or witchcraft performed by a person with evil intentions. Anger, anger, and envy took hold of her heart and led her to depend on false religions that use her father’s name for evil.

Place a protective cloak on my soul and spirit to keep away all spells cast on my name and that of my family. With your bravery and courage, I beg you to stand before me and protect me when someone does witchcraft with my body and soul.

He intercedes before God for the souls of people who have resorted to sorcery and black magic to carry out their tasks. They do not know what they are doing, for they are humans led away by their sins and deep desires. Give them the salvation of their soul and bring them to you, Lord. Please show them your kindness and the reality of this false religion they follow.

Do not allow your name or the name of the Lord to be stained with blood, evil, or poison. For all the macumba that is processed in your name. Amen.

🕯 Prayer to undo macumba in another person

Almighty God, who from heaven is in charge of the protection of humans on earth. I am your faithful servant, and under your name, I will bring good to society so corrupted by sin and false beliefs. I am thy servant, O LORD, willing to do whatsoever thou shalt ask of me, to make thy name high.

My prayer today is on behalf of someone else, a person close to me who is being affected by black sorcery. His soul and spirit were stained with blood, anger, and fury. It’s changed in color, and now it’s black. All because of a macumba that was made in your name.

I ask you, Lord, to remove from his body and soul the sorcery that wants to take care of his being. Help him to find the light amid so much darkness and take his hand to guide him to your kingdom of love and goodness. He needs your help to find his salvation, so I ask you to pity his soul.

Please protect it from all evil, especially that which comes from the hands of double-sided people who approach your environment. It helps you to differentiate between good and evil so you have the strength to say goodbye to people who only bring you evil.


Learn to recognize false religions

False religions that employ sorcery or black magic are those that claim to worship God, but only seek the evil of people and society as a whole. God never wanted to hurt anyone, and no violent or vengeful act is done in His name.

If you feel that you are being involved in some macumba, stay away from that person who wants to take you to the devil’s path.