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A powerful prayer against insomnia

sleepless woman

One of the biggest sleeping problems of all is, without a doubt, insomnia. This difficulty to fall asleep, or to keep it once you have managed to fall asleep, is what causes more health problems in people because sleep is essential to recover the energies lost during the day.

Sometimes people’s ability to fall asleep is hindered by everyday life situations, such as stress and anxiety because they keep us worrying all the time that doesn’t allow us to clear our minds to fall asleep finally.

Are you having trouble sleeping? Are you having trouble falling asleep or falling asleep? You may have insomnia, and the best way to eliminate it from your life is to talk to God before going to sleep to ask for His protection and strength to keep your mind at rest and be able to fall asleep after many days of suffering.

😴 Prayer for healing insomnia

O blessed God, you who can do all things, you who can do all things, you are the creator of this universe, the king of heaven, the Father of men. Today I ask for your mercy and your help because I am having many problems to maintain the dream, and this is having a significant impact on my life.

I ask you to give me the peace I need to sleep tonight. I have many worries that plague me, that don’t let me calm my mind and keep me awake, analyzing possibilities, alternatives, situations, and results.

Please help me to clear my mind, free me from all the negative thoughts that afflict me, and hinder my sleep. Place a protective blanket on my bed that will serve as a shield against all doubts and concerns that might disturb me.

Please give me the strength, Father, so that I can deal with my inner demons and find in them the tranquillity which will allow me to sleep deeply tonight. My body screams for a decent rest, and I beg you to let me get it today.


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Transform your environment into space for deep sleep

In addition to entrusting your dream to the hands of the Lord, which will allow you to remove the pains and complaints from your mind so that you can fall asleep, you must keep your environment in peace and with all the tools so that you can find the deep sleep you so desire.

Your room must be your sanctuary where nothing disturbs it. You should keep worries about work and family away from your protection so that they do not disturb your mind.

The room should be just for sleeping. Keep technology such as TVs and computers away from there, because the brightness of your screens has harmful effects on your health, especially your ability to fall asleep or stay asleep.

Buy warm lights, scented candles with a soft smell and if it works for you, put horns with relaxing music like the one dedicated to Christ or natural sounds like the sea or the sounds of the forest.