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Prayer against fear


Many things in this world can cause us to fear, and we cannot avoid it, because it is our human nature to feel that there are specific details that we cannot control.

However, there are times when we allow some things to affect us too much and end up overloading us too much.

We cannot accept this, and therefore, we have the power of Our Lord Jesus Christ.

He is the only one we can turn to when we have this kind of feeling, so we can only talk to him from the heart so he awakens our senses and does not drop us in dark moments that will do us no good.

That is why I bring you these prayers, which will bring you the necessary strength to overcome all the evil that has entered your life.


😱 Prayer to lose the fear

There are days when I can’t even sleep because of all the concerns that go through my soul like sharp knives that don’t let me breathe or think of anything good.

That is why I find myself in the painful need to trouble you, Dear Lord and Creator of All Men, to help me fight these bad feelings that do not allow me to live in peace.

I haven’t stopped thinking about the worst possibilities that exist for what can result from my problems and that don’t allow me to be calm or serene with myself.

I feel that the only person who can give me the comfort I need to move forward is you and only you.

I have tried by all means to calm down and seek a little peace in my soul, but it is so much the fear I have that I cannot obtain any order.

I have tried to convince myself that all is not lost and that my worries are unfounded, but I cannot persuade myself of that.

If there is anything I have done to deserve all of this that I feel now, I apologize in every possible way, but I do not consider that there is anything that makes me worthy of these extreme and disturbing feelings.

I feel that I am falling into a bottomless void from which no one can take me, unless you help me, my Almighty God.

You’re the only one with your infinite power who has a chance to end my anguish before it leads me to something worse.



Will fear to disappear as soon as I say this prayer?

apart from fear

Although prayers have miraculous healing power, they will not solve all your problems by praying only once.

It must become a habit for you to become a part of your life so it can have resulted in a real world.

If you feel that nothing or no one can help you, Christ is more than willing to give you all the support you need to overcome all the fears and worries that prevent you from living in peace.