Prayer against fear

Are you afraid all the time? This prayer will help you to overcome and cut your greatest fears. Fill yourself with God's protection.

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Pray against fear, for there are many things in this world that can cause us concern and we cannot avoid this, for it is our human nature to feel that there are certain situations that we cannot control.

There are times when we allow some things and people that affect us in the world and end up overwhelming our minds, hearts, and lives too much.

We can’t accept that at all, ever, and that’s why we have the power and spirituality of our Lord Jesus Christ and the Lord God.

They are the ones we can turn to when we have that kind of feeling, so when we talk to them through the spirituality of prayers with the heart to awaken our senses, we will become more confident and be sure to face dark moments and doubts.

That is why this prayer to overcome fear will bring you the necessary strength, in mind and heart, to overcome all evil, such as insecurity, anxieties, sickness, panic, anguish, torments, weaknesses that have entered your life, strengthening your spirituality, and thus make you win in life.

Prayer to lose the fear

God, there are days when I can’t sleep because of all the fears that go through this soul, like sharp knives that don’t let me breathe, and I think there’s nothing good in this life.

That is why I find myself in the painful need to bother you, in prayers, the Creator Lord of all men, to help me fight these bad feelings and fears in this mind and in my heart, which never allow me to live in peace.

I always think of the worst possibilities for me that exist, and what can result from these problems, and that does not allow me to be calm or serene with myself.

Please, Lord, I ask with sincerity and kindness of heart that you make me develop and strengthen spirituality and thus make these fears in me fade away, weaken, bringing liberation, more maturity, prudence, good experiences, and victory.

Lord God, I (name) ask you to send in this prayer to lose the fear, the power of courage in my heart. For I have so much fear, Father, that I believe that I will no longer be able to obtain any peace in this world, and I always feel in my heart and beside me the despair of death.

Jesus, I (name) try to convince myself that not everything is lost in life and that my worries and fears are unfounded. However, I can never stay calm in my heart and persuade myself of that to win.

God and Jesus, if there is anything I (name) have done to deserve all that I feel now, I apologize in every possible way. However, I never consider that I have done anything that makes me this person (name), deserving of these extreme and disturbing feelings.

I (name), feel that I am falling into a deep emptiness in life, from which no one can ever take me, except when you help me a lot, God and Jesus Almighty.

Jesus, you are the only one who, with your infinite power, can make this person’s heart stronger and end my anguish before it leads me to something worse, like sending me depression.


Will fear to disappear once I say this prayer?

Go to God to get rid of your fear.

Although prayers have very, very miraculous healing power, they will not solve all your problems today by praying just once.

It must become a habit for you, that it becomes part of your life so that it can have resulted in the tangible world.

If you consider yourself a person whom today can do nothing, know that Jesus willing to give you all the support you need to overcome all the fears and worries that do not allow you today to live and be at peace.


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