Prayer against all evil

Prayers against all evils are those that protect the whole being of the person, that is, the soul, the spirit, the body, and the mind.

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Through prayers against all evils, you can drive out everything that bothers or oppresses you, just as you can prevent these negativities of spirituality from returning to you and your family.

These prayers, made with faith, can have much strength and bring great liberation to people and make many changes in our lives because we put our trust entirely in God.

He is all-powerful and always present when we most need Him to guide us on our way.

Those of us who have faith in God see prayer as a form of protection against various temptations and all the bad in the world.

Prayer against all evils

Holy Lord of love, you who guide my path and make me a person of good feelings, guide me so that I may be a person full of light and be kind to those who are not.

Take from me, Creator, all that evil that can harm others, make me your servant. Take me in your hand for good and take away from me the evil spirits that persecute me.

Holy Angel, give me the strength to forgive those who have done me so much harm, take away from me all feelings of jealousy, presumption, insolence, envy, take away from me all the evil of physical and mental illness.

I ask You, with all my heart, to free me from all negative energies, to take away from me everything that makes me evil.

I ask you this on this day and always, my Lord, my Almighty.

Amen, Holy Angels!

What do we receive from prayers to protect us from all evil?

This prayer is meant to free us from all the evils that can and affect our lives.

Everyone who believes in God has the faith to go against any evil and continue his way despite all adversities and difficulties.

Prayers have become a valuable instrument or form of communication that we can have with God, to guide us, to care for us, and to protect us from all that can harm us.

Every prayer made to God is more than heard, remember that despite the problems we may have, God always gives us the strength we need to follow.


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