Afternoon prayer

If you want to get closer to God, then... why not say a prayer this afternoon to ask him to fill it with his divine word?

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The difficult days come and go so that we can strengthen ourselves and overcome this bitter feeling for a long time. And to give us that strength, say the evening prayer.

Think of your beautiful family who needs your attention and devotion all the time.

In these moments to give thanks, you can say the beautiful prayer every afternoon that will strengthen you before your commitments in life.

The energy of this afternoon prayer will help you find your loved ones with a big smile, treating them as they deserve.

Afternoon prayer for a grace

Holy Lord, in the silence of this afternoon that begins, I pray this prayer to ask for serenity, understanding, peace, wisdom, and good strength!

I want to be able to feel that I am helping to build a better world. Give me prosperity, love, protection, patience, virtues, and prudence.

Jesus Christ, may I see beyond appearances, when I need strategies at work, at home, and in people.

May I see your children as they are, with discernment and clarity, and the good that exists in each one.

May calumnies not harm me, though my ears hear them, my eyes perceive them, and my body feels them.

Lord, keep my tongue from wickedness. Let my spirit be filled only with blessings! Let them feel their presence and harmony in me.

I ask you in this schedule for light, in mind and soul, so that with the hope I may have the possibility to make a difference in everyone’s daily life.

That with words and practices of faith, I may be part of something greater and have harmony in the purposes of the Bible and the goals of my world.

In the name of Jesus, Amen!

Prayer for this afternoon

Dear Heavenly Father, you know better than anyone that I would never let go of my responsibilities as a wife, mother, and wife, no matter how tired I feel, but there are afternoons when I would like to go to bed and not get up until the next day.

My beloved creative father, I do what I can whenever my life needs, but I don’t stop feeling fatigued and in need of space all to myself, or wishing for a day without commitments and responsibilities.

That is why I ask you this afternoon, to give me the necessary energies and thus accept and succeed each commitment I possess and always give my family the best of everything.

I ask you never to allow me to give up and always to receive everything and everyone with the biggest and warmest and most gentle smile.

Just as I get tired, people get bored, too, so we all need to be aware, help, and support to continue living.

And I am not only asking for myself, but I am also asking for all those women who feel tired and have no comfort anywhere. May they find it in you, my Lord.


The best time of the day for afternoon prayers

As we may feel the need to pray at any time of day, there are no time restrictions to consider in this case.

I baptized it as evening prayer because I usually feel this way after 3 or 4 p.m., so it is at that time, in this late, early evening period, that I typically ask for all the courage I need to joyfully resist what is left of the day, or make my thanks.

There is also morning prayer. Choose your prayers and do it with sincerity and extraordinary faith!


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