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Learn all about us and how this project was born to which we dedicate so much love and time so that you can be closer to the Lord.

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God is in the hearts of all his children!

We always have a prayer ready for you, so you can address the Lord, whatever your request or the divinity that you wish to ask for his intercession. However, how can we do that?… you may be asking…

Since always, people, we turn to heaven in search of a solution to our problems. However, we often forget the true essence of prayer and the importance of establishing a relationship with God, but it should not be so. It all begins with faith and devotion to Our Lord and what better than with your prayer now.

It all started…

In 2017, when our team firmly believe in the power of Our Lord, decided to create the best prayer site in the world.

However, why is it the best?

Because every prayer we create, we pray it with a noble and sincere heart. We always wish the best for all our readers, while at the same time accepting the will of the Lord. Besides, we are aware of the various prayer requests that you send us so our site is continually growing with supplications for the most diverse purposes.

Therefore, since then, our website has become a prayer center available to all faithful followers of the Word of God, who seek an alternative way to communicate with the Highest to make their requests.

What is this site?

We create our own safe and happy space in which we can share appropriate prayers and counsel to lead a quiet life that allows us to be closer to our Heavenly Father.

We are here to help each other; our team will try to help you with your prayer requests so the next time you come back, you can find the prayer you asked for available. To make it easier for you to communicate with the Lord. While remembering this, you can always talk directly to Him in your own words that come from a sincere and humble heart.

We can say that our team created most of the prayers you will find on our site. Except for traditional prayers such as the Our Father, Hail Mary, the Creed… Every prayer we create is made with the highest possible humility and good faith for you, our readers.

Be a person of good heart, so the Lord may always be with you!

Meet our team

We are 100% dedicated to ensuring that you can always find the prayer you need. That is why we are still attentive to your requests so this site can continue growing thanks to your love and trust.

José Gomes

José Gomes is the author of religious articles and a faithful follower of the Lord’s word. Whenever he can, he participates in the meetings of the local Church, helping all those present.

Our advertising policy

We earn money through the advertising we show on our website. This allows us to continue growing, contributing with new prayers, making it possible, at the same time, that the site is a free space for all our readers. If you have any questions, you can contact us at [email protected].

It is not our intention to deceive you by offering you something that you do not need or do not want; we make you aware of the dynamics in which you are involved so you can make your own decisions. Well, in one way or another, advertising has been heavily criticized, for better or worse, over the years… however, it is a way to keep the internet free, so we hope that by working together, we can expect to make this a better place for everyone.

Contact us

If you have any questions or want to say hello, please do not hesitate to contact us. We always like to listen to our readers and try to help them as much as possible.

Your Prayer Now has been created, produced by and a team of beautiful people. The faith in God, our Lord, is powerful for our lives. That's why we created this website to help you get closer to God with this collection of powerful prayers 💪.

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